the term discipline (v. lat.: disciplina = teachings, breed, school) has several meanings:

  • Discipline as subsection of an operating field:
    • in the achievement-oriented sport a certain kind of sport or within such a defined kind of partial haven
    • in the science a field of activity in that, concentrated on
    • a certain articleOccupation world the activity in a special industry.
  • Discipline as a behavior mindful on order:
    • in the sense of the subordination under the instructions or instructions of superiors, see derived
    • to obedience from it a form of the conscious self adjustment, see self-discipline.
  • Discipline for sexual satisfaction:
  • See also: Discipline, nonjudicial punishment, Disziplinarverfahren
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this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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