Dit Clapper

Aubrey Victor “Dit” Clapper (* 9. February 1907 in Newmarket, Ontario; † 21. January 1978 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada) was a Canadian ice hockey player and - coach, who played Hockey League from 1927 to 1946 for the bad clay/tone Bruins in that national.

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its Rufname was Victor or briefly Vic, but that could not express the small one, because of its easy Lispelns sounded oneself its name by it expressed always like Dit and remained for it its life long. When a member was the bad clay/tone Bruins, Clapper the first player, who played 20 seasons in that national Hockey League. He was both and defender like also and Stürmer greatly and in both positions in the all star team was appointed. As young Gordie Howe for his goals as NHL professional one asked said it: “Play so long like Dit Clapper”.

The Bruins was its life and the only team, for which he was active and they honoured Bruins in, as its back number 5 was not again assigned 1947 to him in honours. In the season 1931/32 it captain of the Bruins, was represented then for one season 1938/39 by Cooney because and. Afterwards it took over again the office captain and carried C as far as its career end 1946 on the chest. It was respectiert in the NHL like hardly another. In an argument with NHL president Clarence Campbell became Dit handcarefully, became closed however only for a play, since Campbell took the debt for the controversy on itself. Only Ray Bourque and Steve Yzerman were longer than he captain in a NHL team. The Ansehn and Gadenken are today still large in bad clay/tone on. As one 1983 its number again assigned wanted released this a storm at criticism and the association reads off from its plans.

In the season 1945/46 it was active as player coaches and terminated in the following season after only 6 plays its player career. Behind the gang it was still until 1949 active and transferred 10 years of late again the Buffalo Bisons to the AHL for one season.

After an impact accumulation Clapper spent the last five years of its life in the wheelchair.

The NHL exposed the otherwise usual waiting period of five years, and honoured it already to 1947 directly after its retreat from the active sport, with the admission into the Hockey resounds to OF Fame. It is also member of the Canadian of sport resounds to OF Fame.

NHL statistics

Saisonen of plays of gates Assits points punishments
move Season 20 ,833 ,228 ,246 ,474 ,462
Playoffs 16 82 13 17 30 50


  • 1939, 1940 and 1941: Roofridge all star team
  • 1931, 1935 and 1944: Second all star team

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