Division (military)

a division is a military major unit, which is capable of the independent engagements guidance. It leads combat of combined arms. The type of arrangement division was inserted into France at present the revolution.

The tactical indication of a division becomesby two crosses indicated.

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divisions gives it in everyone of the three armed services. The viewsa division differ however fundamentally:


since more jeher are divisions at the army operational guidance federations of smaller federations in the field. The division is then responsible for the guidance, coordination, planning and support it subordinated troops. Their strengthmen lies between 10.000 and 20.000. Division commander is usually a major general.

The superordinate unit of an army division force is usually (army) the corps, the subordinated unit either the brigade (in the German Federal Armed Forces and other NATO - states) or direct that Regiment (at former armies like the armed forces or the NVA).

Air Force

in the Air Force divisions are not understood as operational guidance federations, but more than organization federations, i.e. they lead a certain part of air forces troop-officially.

A Air Force divisionis usually divided into several squadrons/regiments.


as at the Air Force are naval divisions of organization federations. They are determined, usually same ship federations and ship's classes lead (e.g. a cruiser division). After that 2. World war became the naval division in particular by the flotilla replaced.

Also today it still e.g. gives. with Japanese sea-self-defense armed forces divisions as organization federation. In US Navy was replaced the designation flotilla meanwhile by the term› group ‹.

The superordinate unit of a naval division or a flotilla is the fleet, thosesubordinated unit the squadron and/or. Regiment.


original designated the term “division” a very small unit, its current meaning attained it only by the French revolution. At present always fought to line tactics in a large field battlethe entire army in a connected line - nevertheless after the revolution the Frenchmen fought in individual battalion columns or as Tirailleure. In order to organize these federations, they were combined into army divisions. But the original reason was another: ThatUtility system lay down, while the French continued to increase people army. Therefore one did not go again to the old technology of seizing of supplies over was also later for the mobility from use, when one had an improved utility system, buton it was dependent. But the enormous armies would have left as a whole for the population nothing would not have been more remaining and yet full. Therefore one divided it into divisions, everyone of it should - posed on itself alone - fullyoperationable its. The infantry divisions, which artillery and a little easy Kavallerie had, formed the bulk. Besides there were Kavalleriedivisionen, in an educated manner from heavy Kavallerie and unite light cannons, whose artilleryman likewise rode or drove however. The organizationsoon a undreamt-of flexibility lent to the troops and revolutionized the entire war guidance. When the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte continued to increase, a summary of the divisions became necessary for corps - approximately the same time the division organization became also in othersArmies usually.

armed forces

in the armed forces


differentiated arrangement example [work on] between the following types from division:

the divisions of the armed forces been subordinate usually mehrer regiments asCombat forces, as well as a multiplicity of supporting units. Thus the impact force was directly with the division. So it is to be also explained that there were dozens of divisions, which were many smaller also compared with today at times the armed forces.

German Federal Armed Forces

the impact force of the army division forces in the German Federal Armed Forces lie in its brigades. With respect to the German Federal Armed Forces one differentiates between the following divisions:

exemplary the arrangement of a modern mechanized division:

  • Division
    • staff and staff company
    • army music corps
    • front message course
    • army aviation company
    • CBR defense service company
    • communications battalion
    • armored reconnaissance battalion
    • tank air defense battalion
    • engineer battalion
    • repair battalion
    • supply battalion
    • medical battalion
    • artillery regiment
      • headquarters battery
      • safeguard battery
      • tank artillery battalion
      • artillery reconnaissance battalion
      • rocket artillery battalion
2 to 6 brigades

In addition inactive federations come, like e.g. Safeguard battalions or infantry battalions


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