of these articles is occupied with the island Dominica. Dominica stands also for 303 Christian Märtyrerin executed in Tropea ( Kampanien ). Dominica designates that, which only on into the Campanologie (bell customer) the Sundays bell, Sunday (on the daythe gentleman) in the ring along-swings.
Commonwealth OF Dominica
Commonwealth of Dominica
Flagge Dominicas
Wappen Dominicas
(detail) (detail)

Wahlspruch: Après Dieu est la terre
(franz. for „democracy parliamentary after God the country

office language English
capital Roseau
system of government Republic of system of government
Head of state Nicholas Liverpool
head of the government Roosevelt Skerrit
surface 746 km ²
highest collection 1,447 m (Morne Diablotins)
number of inhabitants 69,029 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 92 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 3,554 US-$ (2004)
independence 3. November 1978 of Great Britain
currency eastCaribbean dollar (XCD)
Time belt UTC -4
national anthem Isle OF Beauty, Isle OF Splendour
Kfz characteristic WD
Internet TLD .dm
preselection +1767
Lage Dominicas in der Karibik

Dominica is an island of the small Antilleses in the eastern Karibik and lies between the French Karibikinseln Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south. The island is 46.4 km long and 25.6 km broad. The island republic forms its own member state of the Commonwealth OF nation. Dominica is not to confound with the Dominican republic.

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a strange thing is the difficulty of the allocation Dominicas to one of the two Caribbean Inselgruppen islands over that hoist and islands under that hoist. Depending upon author, homeland association or epoch Dominica changes its affiliation.

Dominica is also well-known as „the nature island of the Karibik “because of its spectacular, sumptuous and different animal and plant world, which by a comprehensive system of Nature parks one protects. Some the highest mountains of the small Antilleses, over 300 rivers and brooks as well as some geothermally active seas are on the island. The mountains, their largest collection, Morne Diablotins, with 1.447 m the second highest mountain thatsmall Antilleses is (towered above only of the volcano Soufrière on bass-pulls with 1.467 m), are volcanic origin.

The climate is tropical, moderately by northeast hoist, with heavy rainfalls, those particularly in the hurricane - season between May and November too Inundations and landslides to lead can. In the last years Dominica remained as far as possible spared by the destructive eddy towers, since most hurricanes by-pulled north or south to the island. The hurricane Lenny left a trace of devastation on last in November 1999the west coast.

The largest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005).

  1. Roseau: 16,074 inhabitants
  2. Portsmouth: 3,633 inhabitants
  3. Berekua: 3,195 inhabitants
  4. Marigot: 2,669 inhabitants
  5. Grand Bay: 2,608 inhabitants

see also: List of the cities on Dominica


Dominica has approximately 70,000 inhabitants, the population growth is declining due to the strong drift (predominantly in other Caribbean islands, the USA and Canada) (- 0.45%, conditions May 2005).

Approx. 80% of the population are catholic, 15% Protestant (5% Methodist, 3% Pfingstkirchler, 3% Adventisten, 2% Baptisten, 2% others). Voodoo and voodooähnliche religions are likewise common and become often parallel without shyness to the Christian Religion confessions exercised.

Apart from the office language English is Patois (island French), a French Kreolsprache with arawakischen influences, as colloquial language widespread.

In a reservation (Carib Territory) the latter live approx. 500 Indians of the trunk of the Kariben, those that Karibik their name gave.

On Dominica unusually many Zentenare live, thus humans beyond the hundred Lebensjahre. Legends climb today still around allegedly oldest humans of the world, the Dominicanerin Mione Elizabeth George Israel or simply mA Pampo, to 14. October 2003 at the sagenumwobenen age of 128 years on Dominica died. There is however to date no document, which free of doubts their birthday (27. January 1875) to occupy could.

The citizens Dominicas are according to StAGNin German as „Dominicaner “and/or. „Dominicanerinnen “to be designated. (To differentiate of the citizens of the Dominican Republic of, those with the orthographic variant „Dominikaner “and/or. „Dominikanerinnen “to be designated are.)


Dominica became at the 3. November 1493 of Kolumbuson its second journey discovered, he did not go however ashore. Kolumbus designated the island after the weekday of its discovery, one Sunday (Spanish Domingo).

There there Dominica was the last Caribbean island, which was kolonialisiert by Europeans,the resistance of the natives was particularly strong. In the year the Frenchmen transferred the island to 1763 at Great Britain, which them explained 1805 as the colony. After Dominica from 1958 was to 1962 a province of the westIndian federation, those granted colonial power off 1967 an internal autonomy Dominicas. At the 3. November 1978 was finally proclaimed the independence from Great Britain, since that 8. December 1978 is Dominica member of the United Nations.

First prime minister became Patrick John of the social-democratic DLP. Its reign becamecoined/shaped by personal and corruption, which among other things to bloody demonstrations led. A national committee (CNS) selected to 25. June 1979 the integren minister of economics of olive J. Seraphin to the Prime Minister. Its prudent and again-arranging government activity became by a slandering campaign, at thatthe later government boss Mary Eugenia Charles straight indifferently was not, a sudden end set. Before it was rehabilitated, won Charles with their DFP in June 1980 the choice and remained as a first female state boss into the Karibikregion 15 years inOffice.


Dominica are a parliamentary republic with an a chamber parliament.

It is among other things member of the Commonwealth OF nation, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the organization OF Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the OAS.

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administrative arrangement

Dominica is divided into ten administrative districts (Parish): Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint hatch, Saint Mark, Saint Patrick, SaintPaul, Saint Peter.


the road system has a length of 780 km, of it is 387 km fastened (conditions 1999). There are seas port in Portsmouth and Roseau.

Dominica has two airports: Melville resound to air haven (IATA code CATHEDRAL) and Canefield air haven (IATA code DCF).


the economy Dominicas depends on the agriculture, particularly on bananas, and remains very vulnerable by the climatic conditions and international economic co-operation.

The hurricanes Marilyn and Luis destroyed 1995 the banana harvest nearly completely, after already 1994 tropical storms made a quarter of the harvest destroyed. The economy recovered later again by growth in the construction industry, soap production and by the tourism. The routistic developmentgoes however only zögerlich, mainly because of the rauen coast, the nearly complete absence of sand beaches (with few exceptions at the west coast, z. B. with Salisbury) as well as the nonexistence of an international airport. Economic growth is slow-acting, those Unemployment is at over 20%. The government tried to strengthen the financial sector in order to become more independent from the island situation to.


of holidays

date name German name notes
1. January New Year
2. January 2. January
February/March Karneval rose Monday
February/March ashtray Wednesday
March/April Karfreitag
March/April Easter Ostermontag
May first May this holiday always falls on first Monday in May.
May Whitsuntide whit-monday
1. August day of the emancipation
3. November independence day
4. November day to well-being of the people
25. and 26. December Christmas 1. and 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag

famous Dominicaner

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coordinates: 15° 25 ′ N, 61° 20 ′ W


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