Domitian of Kärnten

Domitian of Kärnten († around 802? ; actually Tuitianus) is a legendary duke of Karantanien at present of the Karl's large one.

Representation of the Domitian (Fresko of 1429 in the pin church Millstatt)

Domitian is to have been successors of the third Christian duke of Karantanien , Valhun († around 785). In the Conversio Bagoariorum Carantanorum et it however is not mentioned, the Valhun of following dukes was called according to this chronicle Pribislaw, Semika, Stojmir and Etgar. In 1907 by the historian Robert Eisler published paper under the title „the legend of the holy Karantanerherzog Domitianus “ comes these to the conclusion, Domitian is an invention of the Benediktinermönche of the pin Millstatt from that 12. Century. Often this opinion was taken over, other historians is the opinion, Domitian lived and with history around the emergence Millstatts concerns it a legend, which is based on true occurences. According to other research it is identical to a man named Ceincias, whose baptism is occupied by bishop Modestus von Kärnten.

the legend of the emergence Millstatts

after the legend was the Millstätter lake in 8. Century importantly more largely than today, it reached up to the Kalvarienberg with Millstatt as well as up to the gloss with Döbriach. On the Hochgosch, for which wooded sea-back stood opposite the today's Millstatts, after the legend a castle, on which Domitian, which lived heidnische duke of Karantanien. Domitian had a son, who hinausruderte despite prohibition by the father in stormy weather with a boat on the lake.

When the son was not come home on the next morning and the duke on the lake saw a tilted boat, it instructed the farmers to derive the water of the lake until the body of the son is found, in order here a church to build, where it wanted to bekehren itself to the Christianity. In the west of the lake a hill was cleared away, which separated the lake from the Lieser, whereby the water level sank, so that one found the dead son after some days.

Domitian left itself thereupon to baptize and before the grave of its son a Christian church build. The moreover he let thousand heidnische Götzenstatuen („mille statuae “) in-collect and throw into the lake. Around this church developed gradually the today's Millstatt, which was to owe its name of this legend.

Domitiankapelle and Domitiandenkmal

from the year 1405 a Domitian Bruderschaft is well-known in Millstatt, 1441 after the excessive quantity its Gebeine, those his wife Maria as well as its () son mentioned into the vestry of the pin Millstatt to have been transferred. They are today in the Domitian chapel of the Millstätter pin church, in which a tomb and some Reliquien are to be seen. The grave board CONVERTIT

(about: Here rests duke Domitian, which defeated at present emperors Karls the Heidentum and which bekehrte people to the faith.)

Domitian was blessedly spoken of the catholic church. It honours becomes here annually to 5. February a devotion held.

On a platform in the lake before the Schillerpark in Millstatt a high plastics of the Italian sculptor Giorgio Igne stands for 4.20 m. It represents the Domitian throwing a statue into the lake.


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