Donald Arthur

Donald Arthur (* 29. April 1937 close New York, NY born) is among other things active as a synchronous speaker. It lives since 1960 in Europe.


Donald Arthur appeared as an opera singer . It is active for several years in the media, where it works as actor , film script author, moderator, translator, Chansontexter, synchronous and a comment speaker. Synchronized Donald Arthur already in over 10 languages, among other things he borrowed Peter Ustinov, James Earl Jones and Orson Welles, as well as numerous dolls and trick film figures the German voice. He borrowed the English voice to Gustl Bayrhammer, Günter Strack and walter Sedlmayr.

The most well-known its roles are among other things that kana league gate in Augsburger doll crate - feature the story of Monty crank-corrode (it spoke both the German here as well as the English version), the chief cook in the series South Park and as newscasters Kent Brockman into the Simpsons.

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