Donald Budge

John Donald Budge (* 13. June 1915 in Oakland, California, the USA; † 26. January 2000) was tennis player.

He was the first tennis player, who could win all four Grand Slam of tournaments in the single in one year. Together with Ken rose barrier, which was active in and the sixties fifties, it had probably the best back hand in the world tennis.

Budge was the son of a Scottish immigrant and a former football player. While its time as a young person it operated many different kinds of sport before it with the tennis hanging remained. It was large and slim and its body size enabled it for one of the kräftigesten impacts in the tennis. Its back hand, usually with Topspinn easily, its speed and its impact made it the best tennis player its time. Nowadays it is ranked among the 20 best tennis players of all times.

Don Budge studied 1933 in Berkeley, left the university however over with the Daviscup - team of the USA to play. Grow up at the hard places in California had it to difficulties on the Rasenplätzen in the east of the USA to get along. Due to hard work and a good coach he lost this weakness and won 1937 in Wimbledon the single, the double and the Mixed. In the same year it still won the single and the Mixed in Forest Hills.

But it harvested its largest fame for its match against Gottfried of Cramm in the Daviscup final against Germany, when it lagged behind in the last sentence with 1:4 and the set of 8:6 and thus the match won. This victory helped the American Daviscup team to the first victory for 12 years. For this victory it was gekürt from AP to the sportsman of the yearly.

Grand Slam - winner in the tennis
year nationality (EN) name (n) competition
1938 the United States Donald Budge gentleman single
1951 Australia/Australia franc Sedgman, Ken McGregor gentleman Mr.
1953 the United States Maureen Connolly lady single
1962 Australia Rod Laver gentleman single
1963 Australia/Australia Margaret Smith Court, Ken Fletcher Mixed
1969 Australia Rod Laver gentleman Mr.
1970 Australia Margaret Smith Court lady single
1984 the Czech Republicthe United States/the United States Martina Navratilova, Pam lady double
1988 Germany Steffi Graf lady single (golden Slam)

in the year 1938 dominated Budge the amateur tennis, struck John bromine-yielded in the final of the Australian championships, Roderich Menzel in the final of the French championships, Henry Austin in Wimbledon and genes Marko with the American championships and became the first person, who won the Grand Slam in the tennis.

To the profit of the Grand Slam Don Budge changed to the professionals and played usually direct duels against the best players of its time. 1939 it struck the two best professional tennis players Ellsworth Vines and Fred Perry 21 to 18 and 18 to 11. 1941 it defeated the 48jährigen Bill tildes with 51:7. It won also the French championships for professionals 1939 and the American championships 1940 and 1942.

In the Second World War it fought with US Air Force and suffered a shoulder injury, which obstructed it in its abilities in the tennis. After the war it played still some years on the professional route, usually against Bobby Riggs and won the English championships for professionals in Wembley 1947.

After its resignation he trained children in his Tenniscamps. It 1964 taken up to resound to OF Fame and returned to beginning the open Era in the tennis , and won with franc Sedgman in the double 1973 with the seniors in Wimbledon.

To 14. December 1999 it was hurt with a car accident in north Pennsylvania (car struck A tree into the Pocono Mountains) heavily. Budge, 84, broke its leg and suffered internal injuries. - Budge drove into Milford, when its car got around 09.30h in the morning in the Pocono Mountains off the road and drove against a tree. The rescue teams had to cut it from the wreck; it was brought with the helicopter into the Francis hospital in Poughkeepsie. He recovered and died from this accident never more to 26. January 2000 in a nursing home in Scranton (the USA) at a heart stop (cardiac detention).


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