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Donald duck figure

Donald duck is a Comic - and Zeichentrickfilm - figure from Disney - the Studio.

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the name the first time emerged 1931 in a picture book named The Adventures OF Mickey Mouse . Donald is however not to be seen in it.

Of roll Disney one specified that Donald on one Friday, the 13. „“is born(therefore it also its license number „313 “, on it alludes). The draughtsman Don pink one continued to specify as a birth year 1920 then.

To 9. June 1934 appears the intelligent small hen, which first Zeichentrickfilm with Donald duck, in which it only a Nebenfigur is. Further followedNebenrollen in the Mickey Mouse - Trickfilmen, until Donald 1937 got its own row.

1938 comes Donalds three nephews named ticks, trick and TRACKs to attendance, which live from now on regularly in the Trickfilmen and Comics with him, since its nut/mother Della duck to an expedition applied. YouFather is unknown.

1941 to 1945 Donald, like other Disney figures also, in strong measure in American war propaganda are used. The indication trick short film Donald GET Drafted of 1942 reveals with the fact that Donalds full name Donald Fauntleroy duck reads. 1943 become Donald ducking Zeichentrickfilmthe Fuehrer'sFace “with a OSCAR for the representation against Adolf Hitler and its regime appreciative. In this film Donald is represented as simple assembly-line workers in a German ammunition factory, to which of the totalitarian LV regime despairs.

On the high point of the 3D-Filme in the 50's-years also Donald experiencesan adventure “with eyeglasses”:Working for Peanuts (1953).


1936 receives its own Comic to Donald - series, which appeared as daily strips and sun-daily side in numerous daily papers. Aluminium Taliaferro is for long years of the draughtsmen of these Comics, Bob Karp writesthe texts.

Also the Donald duck Comichefte contains at first reproduction of these Zeitungscomics. Starting from 1942 Carl draws bark additionally longer stories exclusively for the booklet row. Bark introduces further figures. In addition count Donalds enrich uncle Dagobert duck (1947) and his cousin (cousin) Gustav goose (1948), which drives the notorious pitch bird Donald as a lap child of the luck regularly to the incandescence, a gang of criminal ones named tank breakers (1951), the verschrobene inventor Daniel nozzle impulse (1952) and Dagobert Ducks worst enemy Gundel Gaukeley (1964), a witch, the Dagobert its firstearned decimals abluchsen wants.

Newer Donald duck Comics becomes among other things drawn by Don pink ones , Vicar and William Van Horn.

Donald duck in Germany

to 26. February 1935 came the first Trickfilm with Donald ducks The meadow Little Hen into the German cinemas. Thishowever the only Donald film remained to end of war, since Disney shortly thereafter stopped the export of further films due to the foreign exchange restriction ofs export into the German Reich. In Austria still 5 further Trickfilme with Donald ran duck, before also there no further films were exported.

Donald duck hadabroad German-language besides some short appearances in Comics: In Swiss Micky mouse newspaper (1937, 19 expenditures) under the name “Schnatterich” as well as in four expenditures of the Austrian child magazine butterfly as “Emmerich”.

In since 1951 in the Ehapa - publishing house appearing booklet row Micky mouse takes Donald of beginningat more sides than the title-giving mouse. Published Micky mouse since 1967 the adventures of Donald duck and also very successfully as merry paperback.

To center of the 1970er-Jahre Erika fox was responsible for the Eindeutschung of Donald duck stories. It coined/shaped also the typical inthe German expenditures admitted characters of the Entenhausener Protagonisten. 1988 gave it the Micky mouse Chefredaktion and concomitantly the responsibility for the translations of Donald duck stories to the hands of Dorit Kinkel.

The first expenditure of the Micky mouse from 1951 becomes as collecting tank object for several thousand euroacted; it gives however several reproductions. An original piece is in a Safe of the publishing house. Meanwhile the Comics drawn in Europe is exported even into the USA.

the character Donald duck

natural has Donald duck as Comicfigur an own character with unmistakableCharacteristics:

  • Donald is to rage outbreaks of bending Choleriker, of money concerns troubled pitch bird and failure, which constantly pull the shorter one, particularly before its relatives. In particular Gustav goose and uncle Dagobert
  • Donald feels imperturbable affection to its engaged Daisy ducks and hopes for it, once upto stand the winner side of the life.
  • Donald is putrid. He spends his spare time dearest in the hammock.

How this is possible for Comic figures probably only, has Donald duck so rather each occupation exercised, it gives (or also not) and, naturally, innearly everything malfunctions. It has always extremely high debts with its uncle Dagobert, which uses again and again these in addition, in order to clamp it for low work or as escort on an expedition.


Phantomias (ital. Paperinik) is an age Ego of DonaldDuck, originally production, in order to let Donald take at the night revenge at persons, who use it, like e.g. its uncle Dagobert duck. In dark nights it, by Daniel nozzle impulse, goes on which hunt proves and as a superhero that also Donalda winner to be can, even if only in the secret one. This figure was introduced by Italian draughtsmen and was successful therefore particularly to the Italian Donald duck Comics (inTopolino “to appear, the counterpart of the German magazine” Micky mouse “), in addition, in Germany.

developing history

into the 1960er - years weighted many children with Mondadori, the publisher of the Italian Disney - Comics that Donald always stands there as a loser. The author Guido Martina and the draughtsman Giovan Battista Carpi gave Donald thereupon a secret identityas Rächer. The Italian name Paperinik was an allusion on that the popular Comic series Diabolik with the master criminal of the same name as main figure.

Between that 8. and 15. June 1969 appeared in Italy first Paperinik history “Paperinik IL diabolico vendicore “(” Paperinik the teuflische Rächer"). Published in Germany history in roll of Disney merry paperback volume 41 (“Donald times completely differently “, new title” comes here Phantomias “) under the title the conversion “.

In history the eternal loser brings Donald ducks by oneMistake of the postman the mansion pink one actually. There the nobleman Phantomias (on Italian “Fantomius “), become impoverished, lived, that realms of its time bestahl, around itself at them to throats. Donald discovered in the mansion the “secret diary of the Phantomias” and decides, into itsTo step Fussstapfen. Daniel nozzle impulse rigs in addition Donalds car, the 313, to a High carouse vehicle à la ask-mobilely. The car had now extras such as ejection seat, can fly and change even the color. Phantomias' headquarters is in a secret cellar under Donalds house. The entrancein addition bedroom leads across an elevator in the wardrobe of Donalds.

In the course of the time the figure of the Phantomias from the Rächer developed to the superhero. Instead of loose-tightening in own thing, Donald slips usually only into costume, in order to hunt criminals, whereby it of Daniel nozzle impulse by further partial however-funny inventions is supported. To his regular opponents the tank breakers as well as Klaas Klever belong. In the course of the time it has however, how every other superhero, each quantity gets superopponents, among other things the dirt vulture (LTB 164) and the Hypnotiseur Spektakulus (LTB 157).

the new Phantomias

into the 1980er - years appeared regularly stories with Phantomias in the Italian Comics. Into the 1990ern however many Italian draughtsmen gave this figure up. Only 1996 came it into Italy under the title “Paperinik -New Adventures “(PKNA) to a perfect reorientation of the Phantomias figure. This series plays in a duck living apart from history invented by Carl bark and the Italian draughtsmen. In the zero-number Phantomias meets the supercomputer unity, which becomes from now on its constant advisor.The headquarters shifted of Donalds house in the Ducklair Tower, a building with 151 floors, which the multi-millionaire Everett Ducklair built. Donalds enrich uncle Dagobert duck could the building favorably after mysteriösen disappearing of Ducklair acquire.

In PKNA Donald/Phantomias must forwardseverything repel the invasion of the extraterrestial Evronianer. There are still different superenemies, in addition, new allied ones like the Alien Xadhoom or the Androiden Klarissa from the future. This Comics orients itself contentwise only little at the well-known Disney - universe, in Germany they were therefore only moderatesuccessfully and after 15 albums were adjusted.

In Italy however PKNA was an incomparable success. Starting from 2001 the follow-up series appeared “PC ² “, which set at the end of PKNA and 18 episodes long ran. Afterwards one decided to a further new beginning and called themselves thosenew series simply “PC “. This does not have any connection more to the classical Phantomias. PC is a contraction, which was created by a kind “Green Lantern - Corps ", which chose Donald as a defender of the earth. This series did not appear in Germany so far yet(and it becomes probably on long time not).

The large success of PKNA and its follow-up series led however also to the fact that by the draughtsmen one gives to the classical Phantomias more attention. In particular in the last years several stories appeared, itself upPhantomias of origins in the “mansion pink one “refer.


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