Dora Herxheimer

Dora Herxheimer (* 4. August 1884 in London; † 1963 in New York) were screen end an artist.

1901 lived it in Dresden as a private pupil with George Lührig. It probably stood for model for its picture “ageand youth ". In Paris it studied with Augusts Rodin. It was friendly with Rainer Maria Rilke (exchanges of letters in Rilke archives). 1911 married it the Austrian officer Rudolf Heidrich and 1919 bore it its daughter Dorothea in joy city /Schwarzwald.

During that Nazi period lived it in the Sudetengau at that time, had the Jew star to carry and was not allowed their occupation as an English teacher no more to exercise. Under these urge halls their not-Jewish man died 1941. For November 1945 it stood on the transportation list in the concentration camp.In the spring 1948 she left the country with her daughter to England and 1954 emigierte her into the USA.


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