Dorino Serafini

Teodoro “Dorino” Serafini (* 22. July 1909 in Pesaro, † 5. July 2000 ebd.) was an Italian Formel-1 - running drivers.

Dorino Serafini was during the 1930er a well-known Motorradfahrer, who became on Gilera 1939 motorcycle European champions. For the Second World War it transferred to four wheels and survived in a Maserati a heavy accident with the GP von Comminges 1947 only scarcely.

It went to at the end of of 1949 to Ferrari, where it denied above all sports car running. With the large price of Italy in Monza it drove its only running ranking among the world championship during the Formel-1-Saison 1950, however nevertheless landed on that 2. Place, after it had had to exchange its car with Alberto Ascari, in order to make for its favored compatriot possible a better placement. The points were divided with this procedure.

Heaviest injuries in a further accident with the Mille Miglia (1951) led to the end of its career.


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