Doris Gercke

Doris Gercke (* 7. February 1937 in grab forest) is an administrative woman official, housewife and nut/mother. With beginning of forty it made the talented Abitur and studied then jurisprudence.

Doris Gercke auf dem UZ-Pressefest 2001
Doris Gercke on the UZ-Pressefest 2001

your first novel wrote it 1988. Into years 1991 becameit as a crime film authoress of the yearly in the Federal Republic of Germany and Sweden price-crowned. On the Criminale 2000 it kept more glauser to the honours for its complete work. Doris Gercke lives in Hamburg.


crime film from the Bella block row (also films):

the books numerous new editions experienced and are also as radio play on CD and MC or filmed as video and DVD available.

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