Doris Troy

Doris Troy (geb. Doris Payne) (* 6. January 1937 in Bronx, New York; † 16. February 2004 in read Vegas, Nevada) was an US-American Soul - singer, who was called of its fans also mummy Soul.

It was Member with the halos and Jay&Dee. Its hit Just One Look reached place 10 the US-American Billboard Charts 1963. In addition it was Backgroundsängerin with Solomon Burke, Chuck Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield.

Troy becameas a daughter of a Predigers of the Pfingstbewegung born. There its parents Godless music such as Rhythm and Blues rejected began it their singing career in the Kirchenchor. As Backgroundsängerin in the New Yorker Apollo theatre was discovered it of James Brown. Their life became in the performance mummy, I wanttons brought sing on the stage. The piece, in that it their nut/mother played and Chaka Khan their role took brought it on 1 to,500 performances in the Heckschertheater in Harlem.


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