Douglas DC-9

Douglas DC-9

the Douglas DC-9 was developed in the early sixties as Kurzstrecken-Verkehrsflugzeug. The development activity began it in April 1963, followed already soon the first order by the Erstkunden delta air LINEs.

The DC-9 was a complete new development also at the tailattached engines and a t-shaped height and vertical stabilizer. In the original version seats for 90 passengers in five-he rows could be attached.

The construction of the prototype began in July 1963, the first flight took place in February 1965. Already soon certifying followed by the FederalAviation administration (FAA) and in December 1965 was finally placed the first DC-9 in service.

From the DC-9 was derived the successors of the series MD-80/MD-83/MD-87/MD-88, the MD-90 and finally Boeing 717. Thereby over in each case technically improved models act also in thatRule of higher passenger capacity. The principle of the five-he passenger rows and the tail engines is however own to all versions.

The later type designation MD therefore agitates that Douglas fused 1967 with McDonnell to McDonnell Douglas.

McDonnell Douglas again was taken over 1997 by Boeing, those the last version of the DC-9 againmodernized and as Boeing 717 drive out.

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the versions of the classical DC-9

of the DC-9 row from 1965 to 1982 in Long Beach of 976 airplanes one produced.

DC-9 series of 10

the first DC-9 made its first flight to 25. February 1965, it could transport 90 passengers.All DC-9 of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D was propelled.

DC-9 series of 20

this model (1968) received more span (28.4 m) and stronger engines, in order to be able to reach also high-altitude airports.

DC-9 series of 30

the extended version -30 forSlat, which made shorter runways possible, got 115 passengers. The 1967 in service DC-9 placed series of 30 are the most frequent variant of the DC-9 for the first time.

DC-9 series of 40

of the 1968 for the series of 40 extended trunk again seized 125 passengers.

DC-9 series of 50

the series of 50 of 1975 could accept 139 passengers and also more freight.

C-9A Nightingale

Douglas DC-9 in the military variant C-9A

the DC-9 Series 30 equipped as medical airplane was operated of US air Force.

C-9B Skytrain II

airplanes of the series of 30 and series of 40 were supplied as transport aircraft for US Navy and US marine.


a VIP airplane of US air Force.


the McDonnell developed as DC-9-80 completed advancementsDouglas MD-80 their first flight. It replaced the DC-9 starting from 1982 finally in production. Two further developments were the McDonnell Douglas MD-90 as well as than MD-95 developed Boeing 717.

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