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Base data
county: Kent
geographical situation: 51° 7 ' 40 " n. Break.
1° 18 ' 56 " o. L.
Height: XXX m and. NN
surface: XXX km ²
inhabitants: 34.200

Dover is an English city with an important port at the English Channel. Dover lies in the county Kent and has about 35,000 inhabitants.

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Dover is appropriate in the extreme southeast of England and is for the continental mainland and France English city next lying. The distance amounts to only 34 kilometers (or 21 miles) up to the port Calais.

culture and objects of interest

of Naturdenkmäler

Much is those admits chalk rock of Dover. The Romans attributed (probably before-celtic) the name Albion for Britannien wrong-prove, because of which phonetic similarity to their word albus for knows, to the white rock.

Weiße Kalkfelsen bei Dover
White lime rock with Dover


Dover was since thousands of years important port. The Romans left the first recordings over the city, which they called Dubris. The name comes from the celtic word for water. From here the first Roman road (called Watling Street ) pulled itself by Great Britain.

, Where today the lockfrom Dover stands, established the Romans with the lighthouse (about 50 n. Chr.) one of the oldest buildings of Great Britain.

To 26. May 1670 II. signed in Dover Karl. by England and Ludwig XIV.of France a secret treaty, with which the military and hostile conflicts between the twoWere attached to realms.

economics and infrastructure

ways of its proximity to the European mainland are Dover of one of the usually used ports of the English coast. Of the united kingdom annually several millions humans translate to France. There are regular driving connections after Calais and Dunkerque. Sincethe opening of the euro tunnel 1994 and the end of the legendary Hovercraft - connection after Calais in the year 2000 decreased the meaning of the port.

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