Three-emperor federation

the three-emperor federation was one 1881 final secret neutrality agreement between Germany, Austria Hungary and Russia.

The three-emperor federation continued in the meantime apart the broken three-emperor agreement of 1873 and was part of Bismarck's reconstruction of its alliance system after the citizen of Berlin congress of 1878. This reconstruction was necessarily become as Russia the three-emperor contract of 1872 quit. It was disappointed that the German Reich on the citizen of Berlin congress had not seized a party for the Russian demands and the peace by San Stefano (particularly in favor of Austria) one had revised to a large extent.

A priority goal of Bismarck was it to meet the endangerment of the security of Germany drawing with the alienation of Russia by a renewed contractual relation. In the consequence Bismarck exerted enormous political and economical pressure on Russia, in order to lead back and him threatening isolation in the European power system before eyes lead it again into a contractual relation. The Russian relationship to Great Britain and France was loaded actually because of the forced revision of San Stefano substantially and as only alternative offered itself a renewed Zusammengehen with Germany and Austria.

To 8. The three countries the three-emperor federation closed June 1881. To contracting parties committed themselves on three years to well-meaning neutrality in a potential war with one a fourth party and agreed upon a consultation obligation for their activities on the Balkans. The German Reich could be safe so the Russian neutrality in a French-German war during Russia with the German and Austrian neutrality in case of war against Great Britain because of the strait question or Turkey on the Balkans was secured.

The loading Balkans contrast between Russia and Austria Hungary could not be bridged however also by the three-emperor federation. It became despite tensions between Vienna and pc. Petersburg to 27. March 1884 again extends. But by the again open outbreak of the rivalry of both states on the Balkans in the Bulgarian crisis 1885/1886 the three-emperor federation and Bismarck broke had its alliance politics with the system in such a way specified of the temporary help to save: Direct consequence of the failure of the three-emperor federation was the conclusion of the reinsurance agreement and the Mittelmeerentente.


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