of the Dreschflegel is an old rural tool for threshing the grain after the harvest, in order to be able to supply the grain grains of the subsequent treatment.


of the Dreschflegel consists of a wooden handle, to by means of a mobile construction unit (usually out Leather) the actual Flegel is fastened. This is approx. 6 - 8 cm more thickly, roughly more worked on wood-flog from hardwood.

With the handle the entire Dreschflegel was hurled in such a way by air that the club with larger, attached in frontKraft on the grain bundles which are because of the soil impacted. In this way the grain grains from the ears were struck (threshed), in order to be able to do it then from the stems (straw) out seven, around it later in a mill to flourprocess to be able.

When threshing with the Flegel a group always stood the grain spread by farmers around on a hard document (threshing floor) and hit the Flegel successively the heap of grain. In addition they had itself one on the otherjoin in, in order to find the correct threshing act.

Since the Dreschflegel can develop an enormous impact force, it is to be killed easily possible thereby with only one blow humans. Therefore the Dreschflegel in the Middle Ages beside the scythe often became as simple Defensive weapon uses. Most farmers fought in the German farmer war with these two weapons. The Nunchaku well-known from the asiatic combat arts was originally likewise a Dreschflegel, which the farmers used for the rice threshing. Possibly have themselves from this interim solution later the Streitflegel and/or the morning star develops.

Dreschflegel in mythology and customs

of the Dreschflegel was beside the Hirtenstab the most important attribute of the Egyptian God Osiris.


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