Third world

the term third world (of frz. animal moons) coined/shaped of the French demographer Alfred Sauvy, that in its article Trois of moon, une planète in the L'Observateur of 14. August 1952 the expression similar to the third conditions (frz. animal état) developed. When Frantz Fanon publish writing in its 1961 „the condemned ones of this earth “the third world with the kolonialisierten, underdeveloped world equated and the term to the international linguistic usage introduced, it was at least in the French linguistic area already common.Originally third world marked the non-aligned states, which distinguishing from the east west conflict third block called itself; today however the term is used frequently as synonym for developing country.

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with the spreading east west contrast after end of the Second World War designated themselves to 1955 the afroasiatischen countries of the Bandung conference third world and/or. third block,in order to make clear that they were determined - beside the west block as the first world and the Eastern Bloc as the second world -, to walk on one „third way “ of the non-alignment. The countries of Latin America, since 1947 within the frameworkthe Rio pact were bound for this group of the non-aligned states to the west, did not follow not.

The close block-political understanding of third world weichte already at the beginning of the 1960er years up, because the term interpreted non-alignment of different countries almost arbitrarybecame. In addition the affiliation or Nichtzugehörigkeit was added to the military blocks. Since the first UNCTAD - conference in the year 1964 includes itself the term third world the countries of the group of the 77 , to those then also the countries of the Dekolonialisierung associated. The group of the 77 appears as a kind trade union of the third world, however from the outset a most divergente group represents, begun from the size and economic resources of the countries, over the different political regime, toto the development styles. Despite all differences one tried to arise together in relation to the industrialized countries and to exert with the demand after a new international economic system political influence.

it succeeded to 1973 /74 to the trust of the OPEC countries with its price strategy a guide roller thatTo win developing countries in striving for a rearrangement of resources on a worldwide scale. But this led finally to differentiations and groupings of the oil-producing and the energy-dependent countries.

since 1978 one speaks

end of the third world of one „End of the third world “. Reasons for it are in the differences with the conditions for development and - take place the third world countries (also historical and cultural provenance) to search, the moreover in the heterogeneous political and economic systems and interest divergences.

reinterpretationthe term

the terms “first world” and “second world” at popularity lost there and the east west conflict left, changed themselves the meaning of “third world” of the original non-alignment of the designated states to the synonym for developing country. Today becomes thereforethe term “third world” mostly uses if developing countries are to be designated.

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