Third realm

of these articles treats the term third realm as naming for the German Reich as part of LV propaganda. For the history of the German Reich in the time of 1933 to 1945, see: Time of the national socialism. For further meanings of the term see third realm (term clarifying).

The term third realm is a propaganda term temporarily of the national socialists used, which is used until today in the colloquial language like also by historians for the time of the national socialism. It designates the German Reich of 24. March 1933 up to 8. May 1945 (starting from 1943 largeGerman realm). The designation large German realm was already used starting from 1938 after the connection of Austria.

The NSDAP transferred the term third realm, that already 1872 in the German literature occurs and by a book by Arthur Moeller van bridges politicalMeaning had attained, primarily for propaganda purposes. Thus it should be suggested that the state in the follow-up of Otto I., publicised by the national socialists. (912 - 973) created and 1 existing until 1806 in form of the holy Roman realm (German nation). Realm and2. (smallGerman) realm of Bismarck of 1871 stand.

The ruling powers used the term only short time. 1939 know the realm propaganda Ministry the realm-German press several times on to avoid the term third realm in the future because opponents of the National Socialist regime its requirement for eternity with the term Fourth realm had persifliert. It was called literal in the reason: “The profound development, which took place since then, becomes no longer fair this historically derived designation.” To 10. July 1939 “was repeated the desire of the leader not to use the term “third realm” no more.”

In that29. Edition of the winged ones of words of book man from the year 1943 is called it in addition: “The national circles themselves than their opponents, who used the word more frequently, with a hectar-mixed Unterton, were less. Adolf Hitler and the N.S.D.A.P. (sic!) have expressly never ofstated, they would cause themselves the third realm, were spoken only rarely also officially of it. Nevertheless one speaks popularly in in and Auslande until today of the time since the seizure of power (30. January. 1933) only of the third realm. “

Also after 1945 that sat downTerm then to a large extent as name for the time of the LV dictatorship from 1933 to 1945 away. The not-reserved use of this name is however disputed.

The national socialists publicised also the term thousand-year old realm, since it should after the conceptions Adolf Hitler thousand years existence have: Actuallyit took twelve years.

To 21. March 1943 required the realm propaganda Ministry of the press the future use of the designation the realm similar to the English expression Empire. Starting from June 1943 also the term large German realm was generally used (already starting from spring 1938 after the connectionAustria). The official name read however until 1945 German Reich.

origin of the term

in its book the third realm (1923) described Arthur Moeller van bridges a connection from nationalism and socialism, those as third realm so mentionedthe follow-up of the empire to begin should, which had gone with the defeat in the First World War to end.


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