Wasserfall in the Otway national park, Victoria

jungle is a colloquial name for a very dense forest, frequently is meant with it tropical rain forest. Strictly speaking only the jungle of asiatic countries is called jungle. One finds impenetrable vegetation (see Etymologie) however much ratherin the original mixed woodlands of Central Europe with their pronounced bush layer, hardly however in that rather clear tropical primary forest.


original specified “Jangal” or “Jangula” in Sanskritforest “,” jungle “, more accurately “impenetrable Dickicht”. The British living in India led from it thatoff and the subtropical tree forest and the bamboo-rich Sumpfgebiete in Hindustan and under course way predominantly named English word “Jungle .

In German it is called the jungle, but it is grammatically also those or that is correctly and thus jungle a word with three articles. The use of the term against it, approximately for the tropical jungle in Africa or South America, is not correct.

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