Das ist ein Dubbeglas.
that is a Dubbeglas.

A Dubbeglas is a particularly manufactured gläsernes drinking container for wine or Weinschorle, which is used predominantly in the Pfalz. It possesses, unusually for Nichtpfälzer, a capacity of a genuine Schoppen, thus a half litre. Therefore it is called also gladly Dubbeschoppe.

The Dubbeglas widens itself from bottom to top and is outside provided with round recesses, which lend a special pavement grip to the glass, because the finger crests find stop there. From these recessing also the name is derived: Dubbe means in the Pfälzi spot.

Usually the container consists of press glass. With the noble variant however the Dubbe is ground in. One speaks then of eschde Dubbeschoppe.

From the function the Dubbeglas can be compared with the Frankfurt one „to serrating “. After the excessive quantity the Dubbeglas was invented by butchers from the pfälzischen city bath Dürkheim, because with battle celebrations the usual smooth bar glasses slipped too easily from the damp hand.

To old custom such a glass goes by hand in the wine round to hand, whereby one drinks successively from it. The glass is the Pfälzer saying „De Dorscht, makes erscht correctly fun, hoscht in such a way e Pälzer Dubbeglas! “ dedicated. On the largest wine celebration of the world, which Dürkheimer sausage market, even a Dubbeglas medal lent.

Beside the Dubbeglas use finds into the Pfalz also the conventional Schoppenglas. This is a cylindrical container, which exhibits like the Dubbeglas a capacity of a half litre.

Both the Dubbeglas and the conventional Schoppenglas become frequently (particularly to wine celebrations) with the coat of arms or the Slogan of the respective place, the Weinguts, which prints region or the winegrowers' co-operative on.


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