music ensemble
after number of persons
Duett / duo
Terzett / Trio
Oktett / double quartet

a Duett (of lat. duo = “two”) is in the music a music piece for two implementing.

  • either with real only two took part in a work that Chamber music;
  • or with two (mostly singing -) soloists, who are accompanied by other instruments, particularly an air with two soloists.

Likewise frequently the person's group is called „Duett “.

The demarcation of the terms is difficult „Duett “and „duo “, even if the terms frequentlyequivalently for both to be used:

  • a group of two individual implementing is called rather „duo “, particularly within the purely instrumentalen range;
  • if it concerns two identical instruments, however again rather “the speech is from „Duett.

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„Duett “or more frequently „to duo “one calls also two persons outside of the music, who fit in any form well or are located next to each other, z. B. two Kabarettisten, party leadership members and. A.


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