of the Dulzian, also Dolcian (v. lat. dulcis „“) an old woodwind instrument with double tubing sheet is sweet.

From the multiplicity of double tube instruments in different sizes and tendencies (Pommer, Rankett, Kortholt and others) crystallized in the middle 16. Jhd. two instruments out: The oboe as high and the Dulzian as deep double tube sheet instrument. Its form is very similar to that of the bassoon, the tube is broken and the pipe (sheet) to an S-elbow is put. Since Dulziane from only one Holzstück were built, it was rather difficult to make the drilling of the tube and the Tonlöcher exactly. Those began instrument farmer to bore and then plug several parts together separately. Starting from this time one calls the instruments bassoon. Many works for bassoon from the baroque time, like the concerts of A. Vivaldi and the Sonaten of B. Marcello, are actually composed for Dulzian.

Dulzian is also the name for an organ register.


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