Duncan Grant

Duncan James Corrowr Grant (* 21. January 1885 in Rothiemurchus, Scotland; † 9. May 1978) was a Scottish painter and a member of the Bloomsbury Group.

He came into Rothiemurchus (Scotland) to the world and studied art to the Slade School, as well as in Italy and Paris. Its work was above all affected by the painter (and Bloomsbury member) Roger Fry, with which it worked also together. Beside its landscape and haven guessing painting, Grant was occupied also with ceramic(s) and textile Design and worked as Bühnenausstatter.

He was a cousin of Lytton and James Strachey, by which he became acquainted with the members of the Bloomsbury Group. Admits for his kind nature, he was among other things a good friend of Rupert Brooke and George Mallory and the lover of May pool of broadcasting corporations Keynes.

Despite its Homosexualität it pulled together briefly before the beginning of the First World War with the painter Vanessa Bell, the sister Virginia Woolfs ; 1916 bought it a house named Charleston in close proximity to Firle, Sussex, which they equipped and where they had also their studios. Although one assumes that its sexual relationship with Vanessa had already found its end before the birth of the common daughter Angelica (Christmas 1918), lived together it up to Vanessas death in the year 1961. This partnership did not prevent Grant to continue its relations with men.

1978 died Grant in the house of Paul Roche, whom he had known since 1946 and who had worried devotedly about it.


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