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Dustin Lee Hoffman (* 8. August 1937 in Los Angeles, California, the USA) is US - an American actor. It ranks among the best and most important actors of its generation.

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 Dustin Lee Hoffman, Tuschezeichnung von Diana Kremer, 1990
Dustin Lee Hoffman, drawing in india ink by Diana Kremer, 1990

it was designated after the silent movie - star Dustin Franum. Its Jewish parents were both very large film fans. Hoffmans father worked as Ausstatter for different Hollywood - Studios, during its brother even already a small role in Franc Capras classical author Mr. Smith goes to Washington had played.

It wanted to become originally pianist and studied therefore first at the Santa Monica town center college music. 1956 it broke its training off however and took play instruction at the Pasadena Playhouse. it pulled 1958 tight New York and visited there the Lee Strasberg - school. At this time he became acquainted with genes Hackman and Robert Duvall , with which he divided a dwelling.

It had its first stage role in Yes Is For A Very Young one. it gave 1961 A Cook for Mr. General its debut at Broadway. By successes such as The Journey OF the Fifth Hourse, for which it 1964 the Obie - Award got and farce, Eh?, which brought in the Theatre World Award and the drama Desk Award for it, became Hollywood on Hoffman attentively.

it played 1967 into the maturity examination of Mike Nichols the main role. The film became a large success and is considered long as new Hollywood - to classical author. For its representation of the student one received Hoffman Benjamin Braddock, which is enticed by an older lady, OSCAR - nominating.

In the subsequent years it was in as different films as bitumen cowboy (OSCAR - nominating), Little bends one, Lenny (OSCAR - nominating), to see Papillon , the Marathon man and the incorruptible ones what its call as an enormously transformationable perfectionist, who does not shrink from a challenge, strengthened.

In the years 1979 to 1988 turned Hoffman only four motion picture films, received however for Tootsie (1982) OSCAR - a nominating and for shopkeeper against shopkeepers (1979) and Rain one (1988) in each case a OSCAR as best leading actors. It is thus one of the few actors, who have two prices in this category.

1996 it created its own production company Punch Productions, with which it Independent - projects supports and promotes. One of its first projects was the satire dares the Dog with Robert De Niro. For The judgement stood it 2003 for the first time together with its friend from study times, genes Hackman, before the camera.

Joachim Kerzel speaks the German synchronous voice in its films.

Since Dustin Hoffman is married 1980 with Lisa God benediction, with which he has four children. From an earlierBefore with Anne Byrne it has two further children.



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“I lived below the official American poverty LINE until I which 31.” (I lived under the official American poverty border, to I 31 was.)


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