Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield OBE (* 16. April 1939 in Hampstead, London; † 2. March 1999 in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire; actually Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien) was a British Soulsängerin.

Because of their Soulstimme very unusual for a white one it became „WhiteQueen OF Soul “mentioned.

It had their first UK-Top-Ten-hit in November 1963 with the title „I Only Want ton With You “(place 4), their only Nummer-1-Hit was in March 1966 the title „You Don't Have ton of Say You Love ME “.

1967 spent it someTime in the USA and took up the Titelsong „The Look OF Love “for the James bond - Parodie Casino Royale . Their again and again to light stepping Faible for Balladen was expressed also in the Song „I CLOSE My Eyes and COUNT ton of Ten “, that itselfin its homeland in July 1968 nevertheless up to place 4 of the hit parade before-pushed.

It pulled it again and again into the United States. In particular it fascinated the inimitable Soul Feeling more American motown - oriented musician, from the Supremes to Dionne Warwick. As one of the fewit succeeded to European singers to it without each effort to bring this music feeling convincingly into its own interpretations. Their voice obtained almost seismic intensity in the best moments.1968 took up it to Memphis one of their best albums: „Dusty in Memphis “contained 4 Songs of the famous Songschreiber Duos Carole King and Gerry Goffin, among other things the high-dramatically interpreted „NO easy way down “. It had still larger success with the classical author „Son OF A Preacherman “, which ascended on both sides of the Atlantiks into the Top Ten. The LP was at that time however no successin the Charts granted - becomes however today as CD - Reissue again and again publishes.

In this time its private problems began themselves to affect on its stage operational readiness level. It became increasingly more incalculable and irritated public such as critics with problematic appearances and melodramatisch exaggerated singing interpretations.

1972 struck DustySpringfield their tents in Los Angeles up and produced only sporadically new albums. Still more than so far it turned to tendency-intensive Balladen, if it itself not when Background singer for other interpreters operated. Over some years it finally more or less disappeared from thatImage plane, interrupted of short, cyclic comeback - attempts, until it moved 1987 a co-operation with the Pet Shop Boys again into the field of vision of the public. The title „What Have I Done ton of Deserve This “climbed both in the English and in the American hit parade up tothe second place. In consequence you still some further bringing in arrive as „into private one “(#14 UK), „to Reputation “(#38 UK) from the CD of the same name and „emergency-hung Has Been Proved “, a repeated co-operation work with the Pet Shop Boys. The title found use in on the islandsuccessful film Scandal, which processed the Profumo/ Keeler Sex scandal from the sixties.

For a long time the singer, who into the Sechzigern with the jazz - Schlagzeuger Buddy smell flogged , fought Diva - airs with press conferences to the day put, occasional alcohol -, nicotine - and was cocaine dependent, those confirmed, to be bisexuell and even an attempted suicide undertook, against the cancer of the breast on. To 2. March 1999 deceased it and music lovers lost according to New York Time the best Popsängerin, which brought Great Britain out ever.

Ten days after their death Dusty Springfield becameinto the skirt and roll resound to OF Fame taken up.


  • Breakaway
  • Bambino
  • Silver Threads and golden Needles
  • I Only Want ton With You (1963)
  • Windmills OF your mind (1963)
  • Stay Awhile (1964)
  • Wishin' and Hopin (1964)
  • Anyone Who HadA Heart
  • I Just Don't Know What ton of DO With Myself (1964)
  • Losing You (1964)
  • universe Cried Out (1964)
  • Your Hurtin' child OF Love (1965)
  • into the Middle OF Nowhere (1965)
  • Some OF Your Lovin' (1965)
  • Little By Little (1966)
  • You Don't Havetons of Say You Love ME (1966)
  • Going bake (1966)
  • universe I lake Is You (1966)
  • I'll Try Anything (1967)
  • Give ME Time (1967)
  • The look OF love (1967)
  • I CLOSE My Eyes and COUNT ton of Ten (1968)
  • Son OF A Preacher one (1968)(Among other things sound TRACKs of Pulp Fiction)
  • How CAN I Sure? (1970)
  • What Have I Done ton of Deserve This? together with the Pet Shop Boys, (1987)
  • emergency-hung Has Been Proved (1989)
  • into private ones (1989)
  • A Very Fine Love (1995)
  • Reputation and Rarities (1997)
  • Songbooks (1998)

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