Dwain Chambers

Dwain Anthony Chambers (* 5. April 1978 in Islington) is a British athlete. Its special disciplines are the 100-Meter-Lauf and the 4x100-Meter-Staffel.

Chambers made for the first time 1995 on itself attentive, when it became junior European champion in the 100-Meter-Lauf. This success repeated it 1997 and ran at the same time a new junior world record with 10.06 seconds. With the athlete IC European championship 1998 in Budapest it won the silver medal behind its compatriot Darren Campbell. One year later, at the WM 1999 in Sevilla, he became second with the relay; it was the conclusion runner and set up together with Jason Gardener, Darren Campbell and Marlon Devonish with 37.73 seconds a new European record.

Chambers celebrated its largest success with the European championship 2002 in Munich, when he won the gold medal in the 100-Meter-Lauf. As conclusion runner of the relay it became European champion, together with Christian Malcolm, likewise Darren Campbell and Marlon Devonish. Scarcely one month later, to 14. September 2002, he ran into of Paris a time from 9.87 seconds and equalized thus the European record of Linford Christie.

In October 2003 Chambers was positively tested on the Steroid Tetrahydrogestrinon. After a hearing to 22. February 2004 closed it the British Leichtathletikverband for two years. Thereupon the British 4x100-Meter-Staffel the bronze medal was denied, which had won it with the world championship 2003. Chambers' coach Remi Korchemny was involved in the Bay AREA Laboratory CO-operational (BALCO); against this enterprise a criminal investigation runs because of illegal trade of Dopingmitteln in the USA. Chambers announced to possibly play in that national football League.


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