Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight “Ike” David Eisenhower (* 14. October 1890 in Denison, Texas; † 28. March 1969 in Washington D.C.) was the 34. President of the United States of America (1953 - 1961) and commander in chiefthe allied armed forces in Europe during 2. World war.

President Dwight D. To Eisenhower (official photo)

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childhood and family

Eisenhower became in Denison, Texas, as a third child of David Jacob Eisenhower and IDA Elizabeth (geb. Stover) born. Its family pulled 1892 after Abilene, Kansas, where it 1909 of the AbileneHigh School went off and some time in an ice-cream parlor worked.

At the 11. July 1916 he married Mamie gene EH Doud (1896-1979), with which it had two children. During the Second World War it had a relationship with its over the entire timeFahrerin. It left these however after end of the war.

military career

Dwight D. Eisenhower with the badges of rank of a 5-Sterne-Generals

to 14. It occurred June 1911 the US military academy west POINT , with which it 1915 its conclusionmade. During this time it was noticeable more by against the rules behavior than by special diligence. To 22. September 1915 he the “2nd lieutenant” was appointed. 1915 to 1918 it served in the infantry and 1916 for the “1st lieutenant” was carried. 1917 it was carried to the “Captain” (comparably the German captain). 1920 he became a major, 1933 to 1935 was he “Chief Military Aide” of the general staff boss of the US army, general Douglas MacArthur. 1936 it was promoted to “lieutenant Colonel”. In this timeit closed also friendship with general George S. Patton.

Briefly after that 1. World war became Eisenhower by its considerations admits to cross the North American continent with modern mechanized units.

1941, to the Brigadier General carried, he became a boss “was Plan division " (dt.: War planning department?). In June 1942 he became commander of the US troops stationed in Europe. He was commander of the North African landing force and became in February 1943 commanders of the allied troops in North Africa. This operation turned out by the high lossesunder the American troops into the criticism. To 24. December 1943 he was appointed after the successful invasion Siziliens in July and Italy in September the commander in chief of the allied armed forces. As such it led its probably most important military action, the landingthe allied troops in normandy (operation Overlord, also admits as “D-Day “). To 20. December 1944 he was appointed the five-star general.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower and as per. General Lucius D. Clay on the airfield Gatow in Berlin

after the end 2. World war became general Eisenhower commander in chief over the American occupation troops in Germany and transferred the office of the military governor in the American zone of occupation of Germany (see ally control council). As “Chief OF Staff” of US armed forces representedit the armed services army, navy and Air Force.

1947 it is replaced as a general staff boss and becomes a president of the university of Columbia.

1950 become the commander in chief of NATO - armed forces in Europe appoint. To 31. May 1952 it terminated itsMilitary service, in order to prepare for the candidacy to the president.

Eisenhower in the policy

on advice of general Matthew Ridgway resisted Eisenhower requests to intervene on the side of the Frenchmen in Indochina. He signed defense contracts with Korea and Taiwan and was involved in diplomatic relations with Cuba. In addition it promoted the abolition of the racial segregation to schools.

Dwight David Eisenhower

with the presidency elections 1948 struck Harry S. Truman Eisenhower forwards to be able to be set up as a presidency candidate of the democrats. Trumanit was sure itself that Eisenhower with it would win the elections as a vice-candidate.

Eisenhower rejected the offer however, because he did not want to become president. 1952 it was addressed the presidency candidacy, this time however of the democrats and that Republicans. It rejected again, because it did not hold itself for a politician.

It changed its opinion, as generally speaking country “I Like Ike” (“I like Ike”) for clubs from the soil shot. Eisenhower was actually unpolitical and was also not member of one of the two parties.

It could be set up by the republicans, because it believed in a two-party system and it for over 20 years had given no more republican president.

During its election campaign campaign it called its competitor AdlaiEwing Stevenson II. never with the name, but predominantly the policy criticized Trumans, which was a straight American president. This strategy functioned; he was selected with 442 elector voices to the president, to Stevenson received 89.

It received both from the democrats and fromthe republicans voices, because he pursued a policy of the middle course. That is, it was a moderate republican, who pursued also democratic criteria.

With this method it could govern despite the democratic majority in the senate well and became during its term of officevery popular. The most important decisions might have been the structure of the motorway net and the establishment of NASA initiated by it.

On the other side he was criticized after end of his term of office for his politics.

The doctrine designated after it modify the Containment politics of its predecessor in office Truman in as much as the so far rather defensive containment plans against any stalinistische expansionist tendencies now by the more aggressive policy roll bake be replaced should.

it gave its conclusion speech to 1961 as a president and urgently forewarned therebythe dangers, which an influential military militärisch-industrieller would bring to complex for the USA in the future with itself.

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