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Earl Russell Browder (* 20. May 1891; † 27. June 1973) was an US-American socialist and leader of the communist party of the USA (CPUSA).

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Browder was born in Wichita ( US Federal State Kansas). With 15 years it occurred the Socialist party OF America . During the First World War it expressed itself against the American participation, because it believed, the war was imperalistisch. When the USA occurred 1917 the war, Browder and other members of the party were arrested. Since Browder and the others protested against military digging, they were called after a new law ( the Espionage act) traitors. Browder was arrested briefly, but when he became to dismiss, he continued fighting against the war. Thereupon it was again arrested 1919.

At this time the left wing of the Socialist party split itself off. This wing was split again into two parts: the Communist party OF America and the Communist laboratory party. 1921 agreed these parties, and Browder became party member as well as editor of their newspaper, the laboratories Herald.

1928 traveled Browder and its friend Kitty Harris to China. There they lived in Schanghai, where they worked at the Pan Pacific trade union secretariat. This group was part of the Komintern and tried to organize trade unions at the Chinese working class. 1929 returned Browder and Harris to the USA.

the high point of US communism

in the following year became Browder Secretary-General of the communist party. 1932 he became a chairman, after William Z. Foster a cardiac infarct suffered.

Browder was 1936 the candidate of its party with the Präsidentenwahl. He got only 80,195 voices. Four years later it tried again to apply for the office. A court Browder nevertheless forbade the right to travel in the election campaign by the country. It won only 46,251 voices.

After overflowing Whittaker Chambers, which was called a key figure in the case Alger later was, appointed 1939 Browder Rudy Baker the head of the secret apparatus of the party. Chambers' contact person was J. Peter been, who was called Chambers later than Alger identified and denunzierte.

1940 were again condemned Browder. The alleged reason was an offence against general passport laws. Later the US Government it dismissed fourteen months again, than the USA occurred the Second World War and connected themselves with the USSR. Browder endorsed the so-called. “Popular front” - tactics, meanwhile the party the guidelines of Moscow followed. Accordingly the party expressed its approval of the new Deal of president Franklin D. Roosevelt and demanded that the reform program should be spread.

1944 explained Browder that communism and capitalism could live peacefully with one another. The communist party was converted into the “Communist Political Association”; it occurred the democratic party as a left parliamentary group . With the abrupt end of the large coalition 2. World war and at the beginning of the cold war the international communist movement attacked the “Browderismus”. 1945 published Jacques Duclos, a director/conductor of the French communist party, an article, in which he denunzierte Browders politics. Since one had dissolved the Komintern during the war, Moscow used the “Duclos letter”, in order to explain its politics. William Z. Foster, Browders predecessor and a strict Stalinist, mobilized the opposition against Browder within the party. Soon Foster Browder replaced as a chairman of the party; Eugene Dennis became Secretary-General. In the following year was excluded Browder from the party. However it remained very busy in the interest of of Moscow. It was one of the most important feeler gauges in the states and recruited numerous agents.

Although Browder was not a party member, he continued publishing its arguments and its politics. He criticized the control of the communist party by the USSR. Browder wrote, “the American communists in former times as an advocate of reforms relating to domestic affairs had applied. As the communists however the genuine reform relinquishments, in order to engage themselves and the collapse America prophesy in the thing of a Soviet Union hostile opposite America, lost the party any influence. Now it became only an American insult word ".

the McCarthyismus

in April 1950 Browder of congress of US got a citation to state before the notorious committee named “House Un-American Activities Committee “against members of the party. The senator Joseph McCarthy, which rushed gladly against innocent citizens, led this committee, until the senate blamed 1954 him finally. Browder consented to criticize the party rejected however to answer questions over its former comrades. Although the congress accused Browder of the “Verachtung of the congress”, the judge F spoke. Dickinson Letts it freely. The judge meant, the committee would illegaly have acted.

Browders last public feature was in a debate with max Schachtman, defiance crates, who had been excluded also from the party because of its “Abweichlerstums “. The two men discussed socialism. Browder defended the Soviet Union and the Stalinismus, and Schachtman played the role of the prosecutor. Schachtman quoted a set of different communist leaders, and noticed that Stalin had killed many. Afterwards it said Schachtman that Browder had led also a communist party. It pointed to Browder and announced: “Only owing to a historical coincidence alive humans before me” stand.

the last years

after that 20. Browders of friends the party tried to convince a communist congress of party and at the beginning of the Entstalinisierung to accept it again. This effort failed, and into death Browder remained outside of the party. It died 1973 in Princeton (US Federal State new jersey).

After the collapse of the USSR the Russian government made the documents of the KGB accessible for the west. It has itself thereupon put out that Browder had been deeply involved as a contact man between the KGB and the American communist party. Many of the statements of senator McCarthy actually corresponded to the truth.

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