Borough OF Eastbourne
situation in East Sussex
base data
status Borough
region South East England
Verw.grafschaft East Sussex
administrative seat Eastbourne
surface 44.16 km ²
ONS code 21UC
Website www.eastbourne.gov.uk
population statistics:
Inhabitant 92.100 (2004, approx.)
ethnical distribution:96,6% white

Eastbourne (spoken “Iestborn”) is a city at the English Channel in the county East Sussex in Great Britain. The city has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and is a popular seaside resort. It is at the same time a district of East Sussex and belonged to the region South East England.

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Eastbourne calls itself gladly The Sunshine Coast and takes for itself in requirement to be the city with most sun hours in England - a characteristic, which attributes itself also Bournemouth. Eastbourne is regarded of many as place for older humans, because it was very popular in former times as age domicile. This call is however no longer justified today, since the town development aimed at in recent time increased to attract recent families with children. In addition for example the safety device of a sufficient school supply belonged. The city is because of the end of the so-called. South Downs, 110 km are enough for chalk rock - coastal strips; to it belongs also the Beachy Head, a gulf, which is surrounded by up to 162 m high chalk rock.


Blick auf Eastbourne
view of Eastbourne
Die Seafront von Eastbourne
the Seafront of Eastbourne

the name of the city goes back on east OF the burne, thus east the Burne, a brook, which flows by the city. History Eastbournes goes back into the Eisenzeit . Already the Celts settled here 500 v. Chr., also remainders of Roman settlements were found. The admittingness of the city rose suddenly, as 1780 three children of king George III. Eastbourne visited. In 19. Century was developed Eastbourne by the two largest land properties systematically to a seaside resort for “gentleman”.

Eastbourne today

the beach side is nearly completely cultivated with hotels in the viktorianischen style. Business is not to be found there, because the Duke OF Devonian-almost, to which large parts of Eastbournes belonged, had forbidden the change of the hotels. To the historical appearance of the city contributes also the 1872 established, 304 for a long time and 20 m broad jetty , at whose end the discotheque “Atlantis” is. A plant similar in the style is also in close convenient seaside resort Brighton. To the further objects of interest the 1935 delighted orchestra pavilion which was because of the beach belongs.

Eastbourne became by its annual Airbourne - Flugshow internationally admits. Annually pilgern in the summer of thousands the British after Eastbourne to the coast, in order to regard the Airbourne conception. This mostly persists one weekend. While fly past to the show bombers, jet military planes and helicopters only meter far over the water surface the coast, whereby the high point the conception of the flight relay “talk Arrows” is. The name “Airbourne” is a wordplay from the name “East bourne “and the English word “air fount” (air-bind). In the year 2000 it came with the meeting to a deadly accident. An art flier fell into the water. After this event the show was questioned. This meeting takes place however further.


Das Pier von Eastbourne
jetty of Eastbourne
Das Pier von Eastbourne
jetty of Eastbourne

the Eastbourne has a station, which has one directly connection to London Victoria station. Operator of this line is Southern. For the supraregional traffic Eastbourne has a connection to the A22, those is a feeder for as “London orbital” (Londoner ring) the well-known motorway M25. The name of the connection point of the A22 to the M25 is “Caterham”.

Important is also the bus system, which is operated by Eastbourne Buses. The so-called DGH Circular is remarkable - service. Distances drive the penalty in Eastbourne in the circle and not as into Germany. Penalty operate both in and against the clockwise direction. All penalty, those on the same route drive have the same number (e.g. 9), only the penalty, which drive against the clockwise direction, has behind the number still another A, (e.g. 9A).


the nevertheless very pleasant situation of Eastbournes at the south coast and also good developed tourism infrastructure, among other things Eastbourne make good ÖPNV system, numerous hotels etc., a holidays place very much liked.

language journeys

many companies, which offer language journeys to England, select Eastbourne as course place, because the inhabitants speak, the Oxford English approximating dialect there. During the summer months Eastbourne wimmelt only in such a way from foreign pupils, who participate in a language journey. Likes is Eastbourne particularly with Germans, Italians and Spaniards.

The language journey tourism became a crucial restaurant factor. On it jobs hang and by it can new jobs develop.

Against foreign pupils particularly by some English young people (so-called “Townies”) criminality (of theft up to dangerous Körperverlezung) is committed, these is directed primarily against the fact that the juvenile native ones see themselves reduced in their leisure activities possibilities. This is objectively also comprehensible, because certain language travel companies rents over months each evening the discotheque on the jetty and during the day the Kart course and large ranges of the swimming pool.

there other

tourism above all older humans from the northern England make vacation or shift their domicile completely after Eastbourne, this is above all the good climate because of.

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coordinates: 50° 46 ' 48 " N, 0° 16 ' 12 " O


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