Ebba Margareta of Freymann

Ebba Margareta of Freymann (* 13. December 1907 in Vienna; † November 1995 in Söhre with Hildesheim) is a first translator of some poems of J.R.R. Tolkien into German.

Ebba Margareta of Freymann (Ebba Margareta de Pers) was born 1907 in Vienna. Their parents are Austrian Carlo Marquis de Pers and the Swede Karin Gillblad. Since it went in its childhood into Austria to the school and spent the summer months in Sweden, it buildup in two languages. Already as young people and published it wrote poems.

By its relatives in Sweden she became acquainted with a Finnish businessman, whom she married in October 1929. Thus she came to Finland, but forced the war the family to flee to Germany. In January 1958 her man, Ernst von Freymann deceased, and their children were long taken off. After she spent 19 years alone, she pulled to her daughter after Söhre with Hildesheim. There it wrote many poems and translated with large devotion of poems of J.R.R.Tolkien from the English, which brought in its large success. In November 1995 the Dichterin deceased.


three important and well-known poems of J.R.R. Tolkien, translates of Ebba Margareta of Freymann:

Three rings the Elbe kings highly in the light;
Sieve the dwarf rulers into their resounding from stone;
To the mortal one, eternally death purge, nine;
The dark gentleman on dark throne
in the country Mordor, where the shade drone.
A ring to drive and eternally bind it to farmhands
to find it all in the darkness
in the country Mordor, where the shade drone.
O Orofarnë, leaving, Carnimírië!
You marvelous and radiating I, to Eberesche mine, saw
in the summer stehn: You carried the blooms white on your hair.
The crust brightly, which leaves so light, so gently the voice clay/tone,
how you carried highly the head, affectedly from golden-red crown!
Your hair is grey, your leaves is dry, fades to the crown red,
the dear voice speaks no more: You are dead on always.
O Orofarnë, leaving, Carnimírië!
Where are riders and Ross and the horn, resounding the far away?
Where are Harnisch and helmet and the hair, which barrier-end shining?
Where is the hand at the harp? Where is the blazing fire?
Where now do spring and autumn and fully mature grain scrub?
Long past like rains in the forest and wind in the branches;
In the shade behind the mountains the days in the west sank.
Who will go collecting the smoke of the dead wood
or the flooding years from the sea returning will see?

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