Eberhard Panitz

Eberhard Panitz (* 16. April 1932 in Dresden) is a German writer.

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Eberhard Panitz is the son of a streetcar Schaffner and a shop assistant. After the Abitur it cooperated as a member of a youth brigade in the building of the Cranzahl dam . Subsequently, it studied Leipzig Pädagogik from 1949 to 1953 at the university. From 1953 to 1955 he was a lector in the publishing house new life. Afterwards it to the Kasernierten people police went. From 1956 to 1959 it was active in the publishing house of the ministry of the Interior of the GDR. Since 1959 it lives as free writers in Berlin. Panitz undertook a set of journeys into socialist states, among other things to Viet Nam and Cuba.

Eberhard Panitz is author from telling works, reports, radio plays and film scripts to television plays.

Eberhard Panitz belonged to the German writer federation starting from 1958 ; since 1991 it is member of the federation of German writers. It received among other things 1971 and 1976 the Heinrich seize price, 1973 the literary award of the democratic woman federation of Germany, 1976 the Heinrich man price, 1977 a national price of the GDR, 1982 the Goethe price of the city Berlin, 1984 the art price of the FDGB as well as 1985 the patriotic earnings/service medals of the GDR.


  • border patrol, Berlin 1955
  • Käte, Berlin 1955
  • escape, Berlin 1956
  • crimes at the river, Berlin 1957
  • in three of devil name, Berlin 1958
  • the fires sink, to Berlin 1960
  • the arrest, Berlin 1960
  • the girl Simra, resound 1961
  • the face of a nut/mother, resound (Saale) to 1962
  • the bull head, Berlin 1962
  • Cristobal and the island, Berlin 1963
  • the night in La Corona, Berlin 1963
  • Senor Santes, Berlin 1963
  • the small journey, resound (Saale) to 1965
  • the jump of the holy fish, Berlin 1965
  • the seventh summer, resound (Saale) 1967
  • under the trees rain it twice, resound (S.) 1969
  • those if affairs of the Doña Juanita sieve,/Saale 1972
  • the way to the Rio Grande, Berlin 1973
  • the unheilige Sophia resounds, resounds (Saale) 1974
  • to refusal at Viktoria, resounds (Saale) to 1975
  • bad distance, Berlin 1976
  • the moral of the Nixe, resounds [among other things] 1978
  • faces of Viet Nam, Berlin 1978 (together with Thomas Billhardt)
  • of my father streetcar, resounds [among other things] to 1979
  • the lost daughter, resounds [among other things] 1979
  • my dear uncle Hans, resounds [among other things] 1982
  • ice age, resounds [among other things] 1983
  • to phosphorus flower, Berlin 1985
  • Viktoria, resounds [among other things] to 1985
  • lives for lives, resounds [among other things] 1987
  • woman with dark eyeglasses, resound [among other things] 1989
  • my boss are a Wessi, Berlin 1992 (together with Klaus chicken)
  • to carrot number, Berlin 1992
  • scene Köpenick, Berlin 1993
  • the smile of the Mr. O., Berlin 1994
  • Ossiland is burned Berlin down, 1994 (together with Klaus chicken)
  • cross-examines in the Café, Schkeuditz 1996
  • Comandante Che, Berlin 1997
  • murder suspicion, Berlin 1997
  • Jorge Amados interference, Berlin 1998
  • mansion sunshine and seventeenth June, Berlin 1998
  • the green Aue of the old person Fritz, Schkeuditz 1999
  • Himmli exchange of letters over a sunk country, Berlin 1999
  • morning hour with Ruth Werner, Berlin 2000
  • playground in D., Berlin 2001
  • woman stories from the GDR, Schkeuditz 2002
  • meeting place Banbury or like the atom bomb to the Russians came, Berlin 2003
  • Cuba, mi amor, Berlin 2004
  • Käthe Kollwitz and the disappeared picture, Berlin 2005

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  • German master narrations 19. Century, Berlin (together with Karl-Heinz Berger)
    • 1. Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Heinrich von Kleist, Joseph von Eichendorff, Jeremias Gotthelf, Franz Grillparzer, Gottfried cellar, 1954
    • 2. Otto Ludwig, Eduard Mörike, Theodor Storm, 1954

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