Zebraschwanzleguan (Callisaurus draconoides)
Zebraschwanzleguan (Callisaurus of draconoides)
Unterstamm: Vertebrate animals (Vertebrata)
over class: Kiefermäuler (Gnathostomata)
row: Land vertebrate animals (Tetrapoda)
class: Reptiles (Reptilia)
order: Shed reptiles (Squamata)
subordination: Echsen
scientific name
partial order

Echsen is the biologically not clear name for a Taxon belonging to the reptiles. The most usual definitions place the Echsen as subordination to the shed reptiles or however assign to them all reptiles with exception of the turtles. In the following the first mentioned group the scientific becomesName Lacertilia assigned, the group secondarymentioned however the name Sauria.

Echsen (Lacertilia, becoming outdated also Sauria) are in classical systematics a subordination of the shed reptiles. A further subordination of the shed reptiles is those of the queues. Contrary to these most Echsen has (however noteverything) fully developed member masses. A well-known exception those form for creeping. The Echsen differs from the queues by a set of characteristics. The latters have only one set of ventralen sheds lain (belly-laterally), while the Echsen exhibits several shed rows. One differentiates between the following five Untertaxa:

with the Echsen concerns it a paraphyletische group; the confrontation of queues and Echsen is not durable, since queues came out from waranartigen Echsen and thus even a sub-group of the Echsen would have to be.

Echsen (Sauria)a monophyletisches Taxon in phylogenetischen systematics , which all today's reptiles with exception of the turtles , crocodiles and the two Brückenechsen , is - kinds covers. All Sauria descends from a common ancestor. Here count the large groups of the Lepidosauria (shed reptiles and Brückenechsen)as well as the Archosauria (crocodiles, dinosaur, Flugsaurier and birds).


subordination Echsen (Lacertilia)

Stirnlappenbasilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons)
front rag basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons)
collar iguana (Crotaphytus collaris)
Echte Eidechse (in Almería in Südspanien)
genuine lizard (in Almería in south Spain)

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