Kind of hitting a corner funny man

kind of hitting a corner funny man (* 4. July 1941 in bath Gastein, Land of the Federal Republic Salzburg) is a Austrian cook.

Funny man is considered as one of the best cooks of the world and brought the French Nouvelle Cuisine into the German-speaking countries.


after itsCook teachings in the hotel Straubinger in bath Gastein (1957 - 1960) it completed numerous stations in the point kitchens of this world, among other things as a pupil of Paul Bocuse in Lyon.

Kind of hitting a corner of funny man ascent in the cook industry of Germany began at 1971 in the resident of Munich restaurant Tantris, which was arranged by the architect Justus Dahinden.

To 19. It received the desired three stars of the French Guide Michelin for its resident of Munich restaurant Aubergine, which it only one year to November 1979 as a first German-speaking cook at all (and as a third cook world-wide outside of France)before had opened.

In the year 1993 it lost cocaine due to - an affair the restaurant concession for its restaurant Aubergine, however from the Gault Millau lent in the year after cook of the century kept the rare title, which except him world-wide only three further cooks may carry (Paul Bocuse, Joël Robuchon and Frédy Girardet).

Since this time kind of hitting a corner funny man continues to carry its rich knowledge primarily in advisory function and in the form of numerous example books. It has and others with Alfred Biolek co-operated.

Funny man is patron of the restaurant Ikarus, in the Hangar-7 airport Salzburg is and each month international point cooks as guests obligated.

Starting from autumn 2006 kind of hitting a corner of funny man starts new Dinnershow named funny man & Roncalli Bajazzo, together with the Zirkusdirektor Bernhard Paul.


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