Hitting a corner hard Henscheid

hitting a corner hard Henscheid

hitting a corner hard Henscheid (* 14. September 1941 in Amberg, Upper Palatinate) is a German writer.

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Originally Henscheid wanted to become after the Abitur at the Gregor Mendel High School Amberg music teacher, studied then however in Munich Germanistik and journalism. The conclusion as Magister Artium it reached with a work over Gottfried cellar and worked afterwards as a journalist in Regensburgand as an editor in Frankfurt. Since 1971 it lives as free writers alternating in Frankfurt/Main, Amberg and Arosa (Switzerland). Henscheid is married.

Together with Robert Gernhardt, F.W. Amber, Chlodwig Poth, F.K. Guard, Peter Knorr, Bernd express ore and Hans Traxler () created hitting a corner hard Henscheid the so-called new one Frankfurt one school, whose publication organ became the satire magazine Titanic. There it writes also contributions for the column “humor criticism”.

Characteristically of Henscheids work actual far overits fight against the stupid German in each form outside - the multiplicity of the kinds and category maintained by it. Its work covers narrations, novels, idyls, fairy tale, satires, essay, lyric poetry, nonsense - seal, Polemiken and glosses, literature, art and music criticism.

Interesting at its work are its linguistic Virtuosität and the connection of motives originating from the romance with the society-critical Impetus of the Frankfurt school.

In July 1970 Henscheid took - at that time asComrade with SPD - party book - at the occupation of the Springer multistoried building part.

In the early 90's Henscheid applied briefly as to most German courts employing writers and Satiriker with two large judicial arguments with the medium-creative Professor. Gertrud of hollowand the son of the Nobelpreisträgers Heinrich Boell, Rene Boell, as well as some smaller related procedures. In all cases it concerned to vehement occurring for the liberty of opinion Henscheids.

1996 were Henscheid Erstunterzeichner of the Frankfurt explanation to the spelling reform.

1999 gave Henscheid itsup to then regular cooperation with the magazine concrete up, since this dealt too indulgently in its eyes with Ignatz Bubis. (see below)

in June 2000 Henscheid transferred the Heidelberger Poetik Dozentur. In the center of the lectures the amusing was located in the literature.

In the year 2004 Henscheid as well as Egon Bahr, the writer Jürgen Roth and other loaded guests in the order for state of presidents Vladimir Putin and Johannes Rau undertook a Volga journey. Discussions at rounding table with artists, musicians, lecturers and scientistsas well as cultural meetings such as concerts and Workshops in the sections music, literature and theatre stood on the program.

Henscheid and „the boy liberty “

in February 2006 set themselves Henscheid for hitting a corner hard together with Helmut Markwort, Arnulf Baring and Alexander ofSteel in a signature action for the nationalconservative newspaper boy liberty , to their regular authors and/or. For some years belonged to interview partners it.< ref>Index of authors, boy liberty, conditions 8. April 2005< /ref> To the Antisemitismusvorwurf against J. It had Möllemann in the year 2002in this magazine regretted, Möllemann took „unfortunately nearly everything back “; if Möllemann should want to have caused a change of climate, this would have „its benediction “. <ref>Completely large Gaunerei, interview of the boys liberty with hitting a corner hard Henscheid, 7. June 2002< /ref> Alsoexplained himself he in the same interview with Martin Walser after against these raised similar reproaches solidary. But it became violently of Hermann L. Gremliza in the booklet 7/Juli 2002 of the magazine concrete criticizes, whereby Gremliza reminded of the fact that Henscheid, before timesmore regularly „concrete “- Beiträger, in February 1999 „the editorship communicated [it has] that in a sheet, which defends “the Obergauner Bubis “for it no place [more] is “ <ref>Information to the number 07 2002, concretely< /ref>.


  • Trilogie of the current imbecility (Romantrilogie)
    • The complete idiots - a historical novel out of the year 1972, 1973
    • goes into order - anyway -- exactly -- - A Tripelroman over two sisters, the ANO Teppichladen and the home course of the Alfred Leobold, 1977
    • the Mätressethe bishop, 1978
  • Verdi is Mozart of Wagners - a kind opera leader, 1979
  • a scharmanter farmer (narrations and trifles), 1980
  • when eating with watching television falls the father that potato from the muzzle (narration), 1981
  • the negro (Negerl) (together with Immanuel Kant), Munich 1982
  • our Goethe - a reader (hrsgg. with F.W. Amber), 1982
  • Rossmann, Rossmann… - Three Kafka - stories, Zurich 1982
  • Dolce Madonna Bionda, 1983
  • like max of Horkheimer once even to Adorno put (Anecdotes over football, critical theory, Hegel and chess), 1983
  • stupid German - a dictionary, 1985
  • Helmut Kohl. Biography of a youth, 1985
  • Mrs. Killermann seizes (narrations and trifles), 1985
  • literary dream and desire calendar (together with F.W. Amber), Zurich 1985
  • Sudelblätter (recordings), 1987
  • TV-Zombies - pictures and characters (together with F.W. Amber), Haffmans Vlg., Zurich 1987
  • Eckermann and its Goethe. Look radio play faithfully after the source (together with Bernd express ore, illustrations of F.W. ), Frankfurt 1987 Maria
  • Schnee - an idyl, 1988 we
  • 1988 small Trilogie of the large Zerwirrnis, 1988 standard situations (
  • football dramas) stood for amber, 1988
  • the sausage decreasing/going back reading series at open graves (ring-back signals
  • ). Five narrations, 1988
  • the three Mueller sons(Fairy tales and narrations), Zurich 1989
  • which is actually the Mr. Engholm for one? - Selected satires and glosses 1969-1989, 1989
  • high live archbishop Paul Casimir Marcinkus - selected satires and glosses 1970 - 1990 - 2. Consequence, Munich1990
  • like one a lady vacate - selected satires and glosses 1969-1990 - 3. Consequence, 1990* the clouds ziehn there (feuilletons), Haffmans Vlg., Zurich there
  • 1992 laughs the round leather (football anecdotes, with illustrations of F.W. Amber), HaffmansVlg., Zurich 1992
  • the lovelyness of the Gardasee. Collected narrations, 1993
  • settled cases. Pictures of German humans (with illustrations of Hans Traxler), Munich 1993
  • at bent ways - poems and Anverwandtes, Haffmans Vlg., Zurich 1994
  • the Zwicks. Fronvögte, forcing gentlemanund Vasallen (zusammen mit Regina Henscheid), Haffmans Vlg., Zürich (1995)
  • Kulturgeschichte der Mißverständnisse - Studien zum Geistesleben (zusammen mit Gerhard Henschel und Brigitte Kronauer, Reclam, Ditzingen 1997
  • 10:9 für Stroh - Drei Erzählungen, 1998
  • Goetheunter Frauen- Eleven biographic clarifications, 1999
  • my years with Sepp Herberger, 1999
  • century of the Obszönität, 2000
  • why to Mrs. Grimhild Alberich except-conjugally favour granted - new one musical writings (with illustrations of F.W. Amber), 2001
  • erotism purely with flirtation factor- Words of the week and relative (zus. with olive Maria Schmitt), 2002
  • the naked ones and the stupid ones - essays to the culture criticism, 2003
  • collected works, 2003 (beginning of the large expenditure for work; so far 7 volumes appeared) honors Italo Svevo price 2004 with


  • hitting a corner hard Henscheid. Edition text and criticism, Munich 1990, ISBN 3-88377-364-6 (essay collection)
  • Michael Matthias Schardt (Hrsg.): Over hitting a corner hard Henscheid. Reviews of “the complete idiots” (1973) to “the three Mueller sons” (1989). Hedgehog, Paderborn 1991, ISBN 3-927104-08-6
  • Michael Ringel: Bibliography hitting a corner hard Henscheid 1968-1990. Hedgehog, Paderborn 1992, ISBN 3-927104-16-7
  • Ivo Wessel: Goes into order - anyway -- exactly -- -. The writer hitting a corner hard Henscheid. CD-ROM catalog to the exhibition in Kaiserslautern of 25. Juni-17. August 2001. Wessel, Berlin 2001


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