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Ecma international (Ecma international - European association for standardizing information and communication system) is a private standardization organization for the standardisation of computer systems (information and communication systems) in Europe.

The organization was created 1961 with the name ECMA - European computer Manufacturers Association. The name was changed for 1994, in order to carry for the international activities of the organization calculation.

Ecma international understands itself as organization about the industry for the industry, which contrary to most other standardisation organizations such as DIN, ISO, CEN , etc., carried by states or confederations of states. stands.

The organization was positively expressed, contrary to these thereby a name to make to be able to discharge fast and uncomplicatedly standards.

Even Ecma international calls itself therefore as an inventor „nearly tracking “- of the concept of specifications („inventor and Main of practitioner OF the concept OF ‚nearly tracking `OF specifications drafted in internationally standards… “).

One could also formulate, to Ecma places not so high requirements critically, in particular to an already existing spreading or (a political) support of submitted standards.

Weighing one can say however surely that described practice, is surely not detrimental to the own requirement to promote thereby competition and differentiation from products and services to.

Members can become all companies, which marked computers or communication systems out in Europe, to produce or develop. Surprising due to the market leader shank of American companies also in Europe is not it logically the fact that many American computer companies rank also among the members and some the most well-known standards published.

In circles of the software development Ecma is international particularly by the following standards admits become:

  • The standardisation of ECMAScript - a controversy of the two companies Microsoft and Netscape over the advancement of the script language Javascript created by Netscape had preceded. With the standardisation this controversy, which went to disadvantages of the users and programmers, could be essentially solved
  • the standardisation of C# and further components of the .NET technology from Microsoft
  • the standardisation of the 3D-Formats U3D, which are supported by Adobe Acrobat and Adobe reader starting from the version 7.

See also: Standardization organization, standard

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