OD Harris

OD Harris (* 28. November 1950 in Tenafly, new jersey) is an US-American actor, director and a producer.

Harris is considered, since he played 1983 in the film The right Stuff the astronaut John Glenn, asone the large character actor of the American cinema, who is able to push its stamp open again and again also in small Nebenrollen films. It studied at the Columbia university in New York and became only there attentive to the theatre, so that it play instructiontook. To conclusion of its study it went to Los Angeles and played in smaller theatres and took over television roles. Its Broadway - it gave 1983 with SAM Shepards Fool to debut for Love, the late with Kim Basinger and SAM Shepardin the stage role of Harris one filmed.

In the spring 2005 Harris transferred the role Ludwig van Beethoven under the direction the Polish rain eating urine Agnieszka Holland.

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  • 1995Nominating best Nebendarsteller (Apollo 13)
  • 1999 nominating best Nebendarsteller (The Truman show)
  • 2001 nominating best leading actors (pole LOCK)

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