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of these articles is concerned with the film director OD Wood. For the film of the same name of Tim Burton see OD Wood (film).

OD Wood, with full name Edward Davies Wood jr., (* 10. October 1924 in Poughkeepsie, New York; † 10. December 1978 in Hollywood, California) was US - an American film director of numerous B-Movies.

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personal record

OD Wood became postum the title worst director of all times in thatBook The golden to door key Awards lent.

OD Wood dreamed like many of a large career in Hollywood. But at all times two substantial conditions for it were missing to it:

  1. financial means
  2. talent.

Despite these Handicaps it succeeded OD to Wood again and again, sponsors and producers for its partlyto win shed-robbing film productions. Thus admitting Trashfilm producers engaged themselves with him and once succeeded it to him even to receive from a Baptistengemeinde fund. OD Wood was noticeable in Hollywood already promptly as a somewhat strange contemporary . He loved it to carry woman dresses preferential Angora - underwear andworked even thereby which provided in the early 50's still for sensation. Thus it stated also from itself in the Second World War under its uniform BHs and point panties to have always carried.

With responsible for his image was the selection of its actors. On the one handit knew Bela Lugosi, which once famous, in the meantime drug-addicted Dracula - actor from the year 1931, who achieved interestingly enough nevertheless above average linguistic drama TIC achievements, for itself to win, on the other hand its friend Dolores filler, the TV-horror-Ansagerin Vampira (Maila Nurmi) and a abgehalfterten Catcher, Gate Johnson, which it anheuerte for the first time for Bride OF the monsters and also maintained thereafter.

The films OD Woods were characterised by the fact that it let actors never rehearse its, but equal directly before the camera sent, which to partly konfusen to however-funny scenesled. OD Wood did not make itself the trouble to let films cut largely or repeat scenes, if they had failed. In addition its film budget was too scarce and that, although its actors often worked without payment. Likewise it behaved with the Special Effectsits films. They had to be above all simple and as cheap as possible. The moreover one wasted it also no resources to hide the Special Effects just as also wackelnde or falling down film sceneries did not disturb it with its work.

With its film plan 9 from Outer space (1958) it produced its most well-known work and at the same time also the “worst film of all times” with Bela Lugosi in the main role. To the misfortune Woods deceased to Lugosi right after turning beginning, why only few seconds Filmmaterial of him existed. However Wood did not divert of itto turn, because it simply only the film script changed and replaced the film to end Lugosi by a man, who had to constantly hold himself a Cape before the face. So it could use countless old Filmmaterial, in addition, its own private photographs of Lugosi and it inthe film cut. Its career end spent Wood with the trick of just as bad soft and hard core pornos. With however-funny productivity he wrote also numerous trash novels, which were inferior to its films in nothing.

OD Wood was a large idealist and thoroughly loved its work.He saw himself as artists, whose films were not Trashmovies, but evenly works of art, whose deeper sense one could seize only with the correct view and understanding. Thus OD Wood of humans, who laughed at it, felt misunderstood.

OD Wood died office for association andbecome impoverished as an alcohol patient after a cardiac infarct with 53 years in Hollywood.

1998 developed on the basis one of its film scripts the feature I Woke UP Early the Day I Died.

worth knowing

it is after-said to OD Wood that he with the premiere of itsFilm “plan 9 from outer space” to have said is:“With this film I go into history”. Even if OD Wood meant that at that time completely differently, then its statement proved to be true nevertheless today.

A Lebensweisheit of OD Wood:
“The world is instrange place to the life. All these cars! All drive somewhere! And in all sit humans, who lead their life! But the life - even if it changes only slowly - progresses. “

The German volume “OD Wood Proud” published two albums (1999 and2002), from which to the film plan 9 contains second in the Booklet some references and original film pictures.

1996 were created by Reverend Steve Gallindo the “Church OF the Heavenly OD Wood”.


  • The Sun which Setting (1951) (TV movie)
  • trick Shooting with knowsDuncan (1953)
  • Glen or Glenda (1953)
  • Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures OF the Tucson Kid (1953) (TV movie)
  • of boat (1953)
  • Jail Bait (1954)
  • Bride OF the monsters (1955)
  • finally Curtain (1957)
  • The Night the Banshee Cried (1957)
  • plan 9 from Outer space (1959)
  • Night OF theGhouls (1959)
  • The Sinister Urge (1961)
  • Orgy OF the DEAD (1965)
  • Excited (1970)
  • The Only House (1971)
  • Necromania (1971)


over OD Wood and its life gives to it also a film an of the same name (OD Wood, 1994) of Tim Burton Johnny Depp in the main role as OD Wood and Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi. Further Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, Jeffrey Jones and Vincent D'Onofrio acted as Lugosis double.

Differently than in the true life Burton its model Wood in the film gönnte To Happy end.

Landau received a OSCAR as best Nebendarsteller, in addition the make-up was distinguished. Beside one golden Globe for Landau won the film in the category “best comedy/musical” and Depp as leading actors in a comedy/a musical nominating.


  • Rudolph Grey: OD Wood.The biography of the unusual Hollywoodregisseurs (OT: Nightmare OF Ecstasy. The would run and kind OF Edward D. Wood, jr.). Heyne, Munich 1995, ISBN 3-453-08955-3

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