Precious metal

of precious metals are weakly reactive heavy metals, which oxidize at air hardly or not at all. For this reason they occur in nature also gediegen . Their density is higher than 9.5 g/cm ³.

To the precious metals belong:

Gold, Iridium, palladium, platinum, mercury, osmium, rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium, silver

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in the chemical sense are precious metals all metals, which possess a positive standard potential in the electro-chemical electromotive series opposite hydrogen. Copper is seen traditional however not to thatPrecious metals counted, although it actually belongs in the chemical sense to it. Therefore it is called occasionally half precious metal. The artificial elements Bohrium, Hassium, Meitnerium, Darmstadtium, Roentgenium and element 112 are probably also precious metals.

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all precious metals

beside thatPrecious metals there are also still some metals, which possess a corrosion resistance, which partially even exceeds some precious metals in consequence of their passivation every now and then. There is this the elements of the 4. Nebengruppe (titanium, zirconium and hafnium), thosethe 5. Nebengruppe (vanadium, niobium and tantalum) as well as those of the 6. Nebengruppe (chrome, molybdenum and tungsten).

In the linguistic usage of sport reports, particularly during the olympic plays, falsely also the bronze becomes thatPrecious metals counted.

In the physical sense the quantity of the precious metals is still importantly smaller; there is only copper, silver and gold. The criterion for classification is the electronic tape structure. The three specified metals possess all completely filled D-volumes, therebydo not contribute to the conductivity and practically not to reactivity. For e.g. Platinum does not apply this. Two D-well-behaved volumes cross the Fermi level. That leads to another chemical behavior, why platinum, contrary to gold, uses also gladly as catalystbecomes. The difference is particularly remarkable with the production of pure metal surfaces in the ultra high vacuum. During e.g. Gold comparatively easily to prepare and after the preparation for a long time remains pure, commits themselves at platinum or also palladium is very fast carbon mono oxide.

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