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Edgar Hilsenrath (* 2. April 1926 in Leipzig) is a German writer.

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Edgar Hilsenrath is born 1926 as a son of a Jewish buyer. Before the Reichspogromnacht flee it, its nut/mother and its younger brother to grandparents after Sereth in the Bukowina, (Romania). The father should originally follow, which however throughthe outbreak of war becomes impossible. It arrives to France, where it survives the war.1941 Edgar Hilsenrath, its brother and its nut/mother, as well as all its friends and used deportiert from Sereth into the Romanian Ghetto Mogilev Podolsk on the area of the today's Ukraine. As the Ghetto 1944 are released from Russian troops, continue to move it to foot back after Sereth and from there after Czernowitz. Over the organization Ben Gurion arrives to Hilsenrath as well as further Jewish survivors and with strange passports to Palestine. Both on its way there andalso in Palestine it comes several times into shank, becomes released however each time after short time again. In Palestine it lives as an opportunity worker, will however not domestic and decides to drive 1947 to its family again-united meanwhile to France. In the early fifties emigriertthe whole family to New York. Here Edgar Hilsenrath denies his living costs by casual labours, at the same time writes he his first novel night. This novel has first substantial difficulties with its Erstveröffentlichung, since the publishing house line withdraws it briefly from personal resentment after appearance again (seethe reference to the tear by Raddatz under “works”). The following novel the Nazi and the Frisör, who provide Hilsenrath a first literary break-through both in Germany and world-wide, develops during a longer stay in Munich. 1975 turn Edgar Hilsenrath back to Germany, where it since that time in Berlin lives.

Since its first work night, in which he describes his experiences as a survivor of the Ghettos in cruelly realistic way, it circles thematically the Holocaust and writes down in its complete work against forgetting . Over its novel The Nazi & the Frisör wrote the mirror: “… a satire over Jews and SS. A Schelmenroman, grotesque, bizarr and occasionally of cruel Lakonik, reports of dark time with black joke. “The book appeared to the English translation in Germany only after success inthe USA. In many works Hilsenraths appear clearly auto+biographic courses, which change frequently flowing however into fiction. To few fiktionalisierte auto+biographic novel are probably the 1997 published adventures carrots of the Jablonski.

Hilsenraths of works were translated into eighteen languages and are world-widesold over five million time. In Germany most of its works in the Piper publishing house appeared, these returned however to 2003 the rights to the author. In the meantime an expenditure for work appears in Cologne Dittrich publishing house.

works (frequent new editions, see book trade)

most worksare available also in English version.

  • Night Munich 1964 (New edition 2004, ISBN 3-89086-679-4) two reviews in: To Fischer yearbook of the literature criticism 1978/79, from Inge-borrow Drewitz (out: Daily mirror, tendency: positively) and Fritz J. Raddatz (out: The time, tendency: extremely negatively) ISBN 3596264502
  • the Nazi & the FrisörTo Cologne, 1977, and give
  • more frequently eight, comrade Mandelbaum Munich/Vienna 1979 (New edition than Muscovite Orgasmus Munich, 1992)
  • Bronskys confession Munich, 1980 (New edition than Fuck America, volume 4 of the collected works, Cologne 2003, ISBN 3920862481)
  • Zibulsky or antenna in the belly Duesseldorf 1983
  • the fairy tale oflast thought Munich, 1989 (over the genocide at the Armenians) (also in frz. Translation seizablly)
  • Jossel of water man home coming 1993
  • the adventures carrots of the Jablonski Munich, 1997
  • Berlin… Last stop, still unpublished, 2006 (September) (larger excerpt than preprint see Web on the left of)

Readings among other things

  • Firmly the Jewish book, March 2006, Jüd. Community center, Duisburg (out: Night) [1]
  • celebration in honours 80. Geb. the writer, 9. April 2006, city hall beautiful mountain.


  • Helmut Braun, falls in love with the German language. The odyssey Edgar of the Hilsenrath., Dittrich publishing house, Berlin, ISBN 3-937717-17-X
  • Thomas's Kraft: Edgar Hilsenrath. The Unerzählbare tell, Munich, 1996
  • Helmut Braun: I am not Ranek Cologne: Dittrich publishing house, 2004
  • Martin A. Hainz: FUCK, e.g.: FUCK AMERICA in: Fallen in love with the German language. The odyssey Edgar of the Hilsenrath hrsg.v. Helmut Braun,Berlin: Dittrich publishing house, academy of the arts 2005, S.69-76
  • Stephan Braese the other memory. Jewish authors in the West German postwar literature Berlin, Vienna: Philo, 2001 (at the same time. Having IL - Writing) ISBN 386572227x (H. one of the three authors, who are explained as emphasis) is




  • The Nazi & the Barber, A Tale OF Vengeance
  • Nazi Who Lived As A Jew, ISBN: 0532191455
  • The storyOF the read thought
  • Night. A novel


  • Le Nazi et le cash beer, 1974
  • (Le) conte de la pensée dernière, 1992, 2005
  • Retour outer pays de jossel water man, 1995


  • El Nazi y El Peluquero

Web on the left of

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  • homepage over Hilsenrath with excerpts from its works, reviews, interview, photo, personal record etc.
  • [2] Larger excerpt from “Berlin”, print announced for autumn 2006
  • [3] Biografie in German and English, many (also international) on the left of


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