Edi finger

Eduard “Edi” finger sen. (* 29. Jänner 1924 in complaint ford; † 12. April 1989 in Maria Enzersdorf) was a Austrian sports journalist. He is the father of Edi finger June., which is likewise a Austrian sports journalist.

Finger was in the year 1957 first Austrian TV-Sportreporter. Until 1987 he dressed the office of the sport boss with the ORF - sound broadcasting. It became famous with its report on the occasion of the soccer world championship play between Germany and Austria (2: 3) 1978 with the WM in Argentina (“disgrace of Córdoba “). In particular its call:

“I wer' narrisch!” with the victory gate of the Austrians by Hans Krankl is legendary. Finger roared at that time literally: “Gate! Gate! Gate! Gate! Gate! Gate! I wer´narrisch! Krankl shoots to 3:2! Ladies and Gentlemen! We fall ourselves around the neck! The colleague Epel! Engeneering graduate Bosch! We busseln us off! 3:2 for Austria! There we will approve ourselves there today a quarter, well zwaa quarters wern we! “

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