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Situation of Edinburgh in Scotland

Edinburgh [ˈɛdɪnˌbɹə] (Dùn Éideann on Scottish Gälisch, German also Edinburg; here one can hear the correct discussion)the capital of Scotland is since 1492. Since 1999 here again the Scottish parliament meets.

The city with its 435,790 inhabitants (2005) lies on Scotland east coast and on the south side of the Firth OF Forth. Their most well-known objects of interest are the lock Edinburgh Castle, the Holyrood Palace and national the Galleries OF Scotland.

In Edinburgh take place each summer in the context Edinburgh of the festival art and cultural events and the Military tatoo.

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worth seeing

to the most salient points of the city counts the castle Edinburgh Castle, which looks on the Princes Street and which at the beginning of the Royal Mile (also High Street called) forms, those at the pc. Giles Cathedral (geweiht the city-holy Ägidius of pc. Gilles) leads past and with the Palace OF Holyroodhouseends, which opposite itself also the modern building of the Scottish parliament finds. In the fish burr sample the small lanes - CLOSE, courts, wynds - of the old part of town, which pulled through from larger market places are, open.

The park Princes Street Gardensextends between the extinct volcano, on that the castle was built and the Princes Street. Where today between both the park and the station lie, once swampland and lakes surrounded the mountain, which still on older paintings toosee is.

With the Princes Street the georgianische “new Town” begins, which continues to extend with its roads right-angled put on northward.

Botanisch interesting is also the Royal Botanic guards Edinburgh northern of the city centre.

A marvelous view the cityone has Arthur's Seat from the volcanic house mountain. The ascent is worthwhile itself. The ascent is not completely so arduous to the Salisbury Crags at the foot of the mountain - Edinburgh lies also here to feet.

In the port of Leith, at the so-called Ocean terminal, lies the former royal yacht Britannia, which can be visited.


traditional is Edinburghan important commercial centre, Scotland with Scandinavia and Continental Europe connects.

The meaning of the port of Leith constantly decreased however in the last decades.

Main purchase mile is the Princes Street with the large department store Jenners.


high point of the cultural life is summer Edinburgh the festival (=Fringe festival), which attained international meaning within the range theatre and music. National the Galleries OF Scotland accommodates representative collections of the European painting with some well-known highlights andshow changing special exhibitions.


Edinburgh is a city, which admits also for its universities is. It accommodated directly three internationally admitted universities, i.e.the Napier University, the Heriot Watts of University and the University of Edinburgh, whereby the lattersbeside universities such as Oxford or Cambridge among best Great Britain ranks.


two soccer clubs play in the highest Scottish league; indeed the rivaling associations Hibernian Edinburgh and Heart OF Midlothian, whereby the one catholic and thatother one is Protestant. Likewise in Edinburgh resident the Murrayfield stage, the national Rugbystadion of Scotland, is which lies in the quarter of the same name.

famous inhabitants

the Scottish Reformator John Knox and the mathematician and astronomer John Napier became in 16. Century in Edinburgh born. Also the philosopher and historian David Hume were born in Edinburgh and visited Edinburgh University. The mental father of shearing LOCK of cross-beam, Arthur Conan Doyle, and (with) the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, came both into Edinburgh to the world. The physicist James Clerk Maxwell was born here and went into renowned Edinburgh Academy to the school and visited afterwards Edinburgh University. Robert Louis Stevenson, thatAuthor of the “treasure island”, found warm words for the city - before he always pulled to Samoa. An alive picture of the city drew also Sir walter Scott in its romantic-patriotic novel “The Heart OF Midlothian”. The famous actor Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh and buildup also here. The British prime minister Tony Blair was born here and visited the exclusive Privatschule of fat college. The authoress Joanne K. Rowling wrote the first volume of the Harry Potter - to rowin a Café in Edinburgh. In addition those are here settled supervisor Rebus crime film of the writer Ian Rankin living in Edinburgh. The Snooker most well-known outside of Scotland - player Stephen Hendry was born in Edinburgh.

cities of the same name

Scottish emigrants havethe names of Edinburgh into the world carried. Today is about:


of sons and daughters of the city

the Bellevue Chapel in the RodneyStreet

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