Edith Clever

Edith Clever (* 13. December 1940 in Wuppertal) is German rain eating urine, which was active as an actress in former times.

She could be trained in the 70's at the petrol Falckenberg school in Munich as the actress, before she was engaged among other things at theatres in Kassel , Bremen and Zurich.

1971 went the actress to the citizens of Berlin looking stage, where she was to be seen Trilogie of seeing again” under the direction of Peter Stein among other things into “summer guests” (1975) , “1978 and “ Orestie ” 1980.

1982 received it with 50.000 DM endowed the actor price of the Bavarian film price for their role in Parsifal from Hans Jürgen Syberberg.

In the year 1985 she compiled the night, an six-hour mono log together with the director Hans Jürgen Syberberg at the two-piece film to the topic night.

1992 gave its debut to Clever as rain eating urine and produced GoetheStella “. Since that time it dedicates itself to the public work completely.

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