Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton geb. Jones (* 24. January 1862 in New York town center; † 11. August 1937 in pc. - Brice sous Forêt, France) was an American novel authoress and author of spöttelnden stories over „the upper society”

Edith Wharton, Foto 1915
Edith Wharton, photo 1915

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Edith Wharton as a daughter of George and Lucretia Jones in New York town center was born. Edith had two older brothers, Frederic and Harry. Edith was in-born into a aristokratische family, whose sex was connected with New York for 300 years. Their childhood turned around perfect behaviour and the social representation. It was informed exclusively at home with the help of the paternal library. In its later life it fought against this kind of the education and the social obligation.

It began to read early to in-think itself to invent from it stories and these their to play from Europe coming, child girl. Edith married 1885 Edward „teddy” Wharton, a 12 years older banker from bad clay/tone. They together inhabited a house in New York, later lived them on Rhode Island and in Massachusetts. But it was not lucky. It found out that its man it bestahl, in order to hold itself a loving. The marriage broke slowly. But already soon (1906) it became acquainted with Morton filler clay/tone, a bisexuellen living man. It was the large love of their life and by it developed it to a sexually freed woman. This relationship held however only three years. Soon it lived alone in Paris. Their own history woke the desire at the letter. Material persons appear in their works. It became fast admits and could as an authoress comfortably live. Whartons first book, The Decoration OF Houses, appeared 1897.

1912 could it be separated from Edward. They did not have children and Edith married never again. Instead it traveled much, helped refugees during the First World War. Edith wrote reports over the war for American newspapers. It traveled only once to America, in order to receive 1920 the Pulitzer price for The Age OF Innocence.

Many intellectual ones of their time, among other things Theodore Roosevelt, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway met in their salon around thoughts to exchange. Edith pflegete an intimate Platonic friendship with Henry James. Among their friends walter was Berry and Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Berenson, with which it traveled 1913 by Germany. Edith possessed two houses in France, one in the north of Paris, one with Hyere, pc. Claire. In August 1937 she deceased due to an impact accumulation. Their grave is on the American cemetery in Versailles. On its gravestone is to be read: „O Crux Ave Spes Unica” - „holy cross, our only hope, is greeted! ”

literary meaning

Whartons central topics were social conflicts, suppressed Sexualität, outdated social structures and the conditions that new realms. Their work was regarded from their death into the seventies as anti-modernistic ( anti-decaying NIST oath). From its biography as well as book filmings, as for example Martin Scorseses adaptation of its novel The Age OF Innocence (1993), resulted a new interest in their work.


of works (selection)

  • The Decoration OF Houses, 1897
  • The Greater Inclination (stories collection), 1899
  • The Touchstone, 1900 (dt.: Prüfstein)
  • The Valley OF Decision (novella), 1902
  • The House OF Mirth, 1905 (dt: The house of the joy)
  • madame de Treymes, 1907
  • Ethan Frome, 1911
  • The Reef (novel), 1912
  • The Custom OF the Country, 1913
  • The Age OF Innocence, 1920 (dt.: Time of the innocence)
  • A Backward Glance (memoirs), 1934
  • The Buccaneers, 1938 (remained unfinished, written from Marion Manwaring 1993 to end by Wharton)

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