Edmundo Ros

Edmundo William Ros (* 7. December 1910 haven OF Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) is an orchestra leader, a Schlagzeuger, a singer and a music producer, v.a. in Europe and North America admits was. A time long it was called “king of the Latin American music”, since it made its music popular outside of its homeland.

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its nut/mother was a Venezolanerin of African descent, its father Ross originated from Scotland. 1927 to 1937 lived its family and it in Venezuela (Caracas). Already in the military service it played four years in volume and received later a state scholarship for a music study. In June 1937 it pulled it to London, in order to study classical music to the Royal Academy OF music. It gave this rapidly, in order to dedicate itself to the maintenance music. First it played as a Schlagzeuger in the nest Night club. In August 1938 it took up with pieces with Fats Waller. Briefly it lived in Paris and played in the group Ciro Rimac's Rumbaland Muchachos.

It played also with the Afro Cuban pianist and singer Don Marino Barreto's Cuban orchestra at the Londoner Embassy club and took up 1939 with Decca six albums. Barreto's was so successful that Ros was offered to form its own group. This did he immediately and debütierte with its sechsköpfigen Rumba volume in the Cosmo club in Wardour Street in London. In June 1941 it became successful with the Cuban piece lot Hijos de Buda. He lived now in the noblen Coconut Grove in the regent Street. It fed in the restaurant trifle, where it attached contacts with the High Society.

1944 to 1974 it published its music with the label Decca.

Starting from 1946 it became the businessman, in whom it a disk company, a dance school, a club an artist agency etc. based. Its volume was now 16-köpfig. The album The Wedding Samba sold itself 1949 three million time.

1951 it acquired the club Coconut Grove and designated it in Edmundo Ros' Dinner and Supper club over. The club became fast the magnet for elevated public, and would send concert transmissions to the BBC. it had to close 1965. 1964-1968 it maintained that internationally admitted and high-exclusive Edmundo Ros club in the Londoner regent Street.

The 1957 published album Rhythms OF The South represented one of the first Stereo photographs. Ros arose in different television looking. To 8. It arose to January 1994 last publicly.


photographs (Diskografie)

the most well-known albums:

  • Edmundo Ros and His Rumba volume, 1939-1941, LP
  • Tropical Magic, 1942-1944, LP
  • Cuban Love Song, 1945, LP
  • on Broadway, LP
  • show Boat/Porgy & Bess, LP
  • Ros RK the Opera
  • Broadway of goes Latin
  • Rhythms OF the South
  • Latin Carnival
  • new Rhythms OF The South
  • Latin Boss… Señor Ros
  • Arriba
  • Latin hit I Missed
  • stringer Latino!
  • Hair Goes Latin
  • Heading South OF the Border
  • The Latin King
  • This is My World
  • Caribbean Ros
  • Sunshine and Olé!
  • Give My Regards ton Broadway
  • Doin' the Samba, CD
  • Rhythms OF the South/new Rhythms OF the South, CD
  • Good! Good! Good! CD
  • stringer Latino/Latin hit I Missed CD
  • That Latin sound
  • Wedding Samba
  • Cancion Cubana
  • Mambo Jambo, Naxos, CD
  • The Wedding Samba (revision of the jiddischen song Nayer shear)

its most well-known title is “melody d' amour”.

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