Eduard tree garden

Eduard tree garden (* 26. August 1898 in Freiburg in mash gau; † 1982 in Frankfurt/Main) were a German philosopher and sociologist.

In the years 1924 to 1929 it provided training orders in the USA. It returned to Germany, in order to study under Heidegger, and the two men closed a close friendship. In the year 1931 however a personal controversy among them was inflamed, after Heidegger had turned approximately tree garden work over the American Pragmatismus. Tree garden left Freiburg, in order to inform American philosophy at the university from Goettingen to. To 16. December 1933 took over Heidegger the role of the Denunzianten and wrote a letter to the head of the National Socialist professors in Goettingen, which read as follows: “Dr. Tree garden comes relational and its mental attitude to from the liberal-democratic Heidelberger intellectual circle around max of webers. During its local stay in Freiburg in mash gau was it everything else as a national socialist. I am to be heard surprised that he is in Goettingen private lecturer, because I cannot imagine, due to which scientific achievements he became certified the Habilitation. “[11]

Dr. Bird, the receiver of this letter, judged it as “hate-loaded, uselessly” and refused using the letter. Its successor however sent it to the Minister for education in Berlin, the tree garden dismissed and to him recommended to leave the country. Tree garden had the luck to receive a copy from the letter Heideggers by a sympathizing secretary. Only due to these circumstances this piece of evidence exists today still. Tree garden got its work back, after it had appealed to the National Socialist authorities. These facts were brought in the course of the hearings to the Entnazifizierung in the year 1946 to the light. In the years 1940 to 1945 it was Dekan of the philosophical faculty of the Albertina and ensured together with Otto charcoal burners for the fact that its friend Konrad Lorenz became to appoint there to the chair for human psychology. From 1957 to its retirement 1963 it held the chair for sociology at the University of Mannheim .

In the 1. To its research work took it cut off the idea-historical analysis of the American society to the research topic. Into the Mannheimer years it stepped out by work to max of webers.

Tree garden is a nephew, its grandfather Hermann tree garden a teacher max of weber. Besides max of webers was married with the sister-in-law by Hermann tree garden


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