Eduard Buchner

Eduard Buchner
Eduard Buchner

Eduard Buchner (* 20. May 1860 in Munich; † 13. August 1917 in Focşani/Romania) was a German chemist and carrier of the Nobelpreis for chemistry 1907 for its investigations and the discovery that cell-free fermentation.

Buchner was born in Munich as a son of a physicist and a professor for court medicine. In the year 1884 it began studies with Adolf of Baeyer in chemistry, as well as in the Botanik with professor C. from Naegelibotanischen Institut in Munich. After a limited work time with Otto Fischer in attaining it attained a doctorate 1888 at the university of Munich.

Buchner married 1900 Lotte steel in the year.

In the First World War Buchner served as a major at the front inField hospital in Focşani (Romania). It became at the 3. August 1917 wounds and died 10 days later.

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