Eduard Claudius

Eduard Claudius (eigentl. Eduard Schmidt * 29. July 1911 in Gelsenkirchen Buer, † 13. December 1976) in potsdam was a German writer and diplomat of the GDR.

Claudius learned the occupation of the bricklayer and was into the 1920er years union official and Arbeiterkorrespondent. 1929 to 1932 it undertook migrations by Italy, Austria, France, Spain and Switzerland. It joined 1932 the KPD . After an arrest it emigrierte 1934 into Switzerland and participated 1936 to 1938 as Interbrigadist in the Spanish civil war . Afterwards it had interned into France and different Swiss labour camps. 1945 it followed an Italian partisan brigade.

Starting from July 1945 he was press speaker in the Bavarian Ministry for Entnazifizierung. it moved to 1948 to potsdam, where it lived as free lance writers, and joined the SED .

It received the national price of the GDR to 1951. It was with its book „humans at our side “a classical representative of the literature of structure of GDR.

1956 it became as a successor of Gustav Just 1. Secretary of the German writer federation. 1956 to 1959 he was Consul General of the GDR in Syria, to 1961 Ambassadors in Viet Nam, afterwards he was again a free lance writer.


  • the “Greens olives and naked mountains”, 1945
  • “of the heavy beginning”
  • “humans at our side” (1951), the material became by Bertolt break (“worked on “of the love one was not only to speak Büsching fragment” and Heiner
  • Mueller (“the wage pushers”)”, 1957
  • “winter fairy tale on Rügen”, 1964
  • “quiescent lots years”, 1968

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