Eduard Künneke

Eduard Künneke, occasionally Künnecke written (* 27. January 1885 in Emmerich on the Rhine; † 27. October 1953 in Berlin) was a German Operette n composer. He is father of the actress and singer Evelyn Künneke.

Künneke studied in Berlin Music science and literature history. Besides he was master pupil with max break. Afterwards it was active as Korrepetitor and as choir leaders at the new Operettentheater at the shipbuilder dam. After its opera “Robins end” (1909) after the premiere at the national theatre in Mannheim at 38 German stages, delivered he was after-played the function of the choir leader.

During its Kapellmeisterzeit with max Reinhardt composed Künneke for the production “fist of the II” the stage music.

Künneke composed only for the Broterwerb. Its passion applied for the science. For the translation of the anglo-saxon “Beowulf Epos” became it ofto the University of Marburg one lent. In addition Künneke possessed the title of the Dr. med. and the Dr. phil.

Eduard Künnekes easy-lively music is characterised by rhythm and harmonious style pictures. Its most well-known work became the Operette “the cousin from Dingsda” (1921). Many of its songs are this very day hits.


  • operas
    • Robins end, 1909
    • Coeur As, 1913
  • Singspiele
  • Operetten
    • if love awakes, 1920
    • the cousin from Dingsda, 1921
    • the marriage in circles, 1921
    • people, 1922 lady
    • Hamilton, 1926
    • the tenor of the duchess, 1930 Nadja
    • , 1931 lucky
    • journey, 1932
    • the luring flame, 1933
    • the large Sünderin fell in love, 1935
    • Zauberin Lola, 1937
    • wedding in Samarkand, 1938
    • wedding with Erika, 1949

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