Eduard Lasker

Eduard Lasker, eigentl. Isaak Lasker, (* 14. October 1829 in Jarotschin (Jarocin), province floats; † 5. January 1884 in New York) was a Prussian politician and lawyer.

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Lasker was the son of the buyer Daniel Lasker. It enjoyed its first education by private teachers. With 13 years it visited the High School in Breslau starting from 1842. After reaching the Abitur , he began to study 1847 still in the same year mathematics and philosophy at the University of Breslau.

The revolution 1848 experienced Lasker in Vienna. End of the yearly he was to be found however again in Breslau at the university. Affected by the political events, he began now to study law. it put 1851 its Auskultator - exams off and two years later he passed his second state examination. Subsequently, it went to Great Britain, where it three years, until 1856 lived.

1857 it returned to Germany. At the city court in Berlin Lasker very successfully passed its state examination; had however as Jewish citizens no chance to the government service to be transferred. During this time Lasker occurred of journalistic for the political ideas its friend Heinrich Bernhard Oppenheim . In the condition conflict 1865 Lasker got a mandate with the by-election as a delegate.

Up to its splitting 1866 was Lasker member of the German progress party. 1866 belonged to Lasker as well as Karl Twesten and Hans Victor of balance spring to the liberals delegates, who endorsed the by rivet RK law. 1867 helped Lasker then to along-create the national liberals a party (NLP ). After short Lasker was already one of the prominent politicians of this party; to base from which it separated however 1880 again, in order together with other going away of many years, in particular with Heinrich Rickert and Ludwig Bamberger, the liberal combination. And 1884 with the German progress party fused these obtained particularly choice successes considerable in Prussia.

Although he was ever more strongly met with hostility not least because of his origin (Antisemitismus), arrives Lasker large parliamentary successes in Reichstag and in the Prussian Lower House. Lasker cleared the scandal up around the citizens of Berlin north course considerably parliamentary also. Into the restaurant scandal around the railway king Bethel Henry Strousberg and the founders of the railway company prince PUT bus and prince Biron von Kurland were also several politicians complicated - regierungsloyalen delegate actually brought that also in conflict with Otto von Bismarck, who made itself it the goal of isolating Lasker within the national liberal a party.

Starting from 1875 Lasker got sick heavily and finally suffered, since he still reamed himself in the political business, 1883 a complete collapse. By a longer stay in the USA it wanted itself out couriers. But in the year after Eduard Lasker at the age of 54 years already died to 5. January 1884 in New York.

A Kondolenzschreiben of the American government was not passed on on instruction of Bismarck at Reichstag. It appreciated it nevertheless in its memoirs as a “honest opponent”. 1901 were bestattet Eduard Lasker on the Jewish cemetery at the beautiful houses avenue in Berlin. There it rests together with the delegate Ludwig Bamberger in an honour grave.

One of its most important achievements is probably the Lex Miquel Lasker, of which he could finally intersperse 1873 as national liberal delegate as well as Johannes of Miquel. It expanded the legislative competence of the realm among other things on the entire civil right and prepared so considerably the way for the uniform civil legislation of the civil law book (BGB).


  • of ways and goals of the Culturentwicklung (1881)
  • to the history of the parliamentary development of Prussia (1873)


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