Eduard Leuze

Eduard Leuze (* 24. December 1906 in joy stone; 25. October 1973 in Reutlingen) was a German politician of the FDP/DVP.

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federal politics

the German Bundestag belonged to Dr. Leuze of 21. March 1952, when it advanced for the deceased Federal Secretary of Construction Eberhard Wildermuth, until on 1953.

federal state policy

1952 to 1968 was Leuze of state parliament delegates in Baden-Wuerttemberg, where it was also up to its appointment as the Minister of leaders of the parliamentary group. 1960 to 1966 was it as a successor of the Social Democrat Hermann Veit, a whose party from the government had separated, ministers of economics.


private was Leuze of the music connected, it sang in the “Reutlinger song ring”. Into the 1930er years was he a chairman UHL and gau in the “Swabian singer federation” and after that 2. World war president of the “singer federation Südwürttemberg Hohenzollern”.


  • Eduard Leuze: The right of the insurance agent after the law for the change of the commercial code (right of the commercial agents) of 6. August 1953, publishing house of the trade association insurance agency, 1953, ISBN B0000BKYNW


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